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Can You Match At Higher Risk Than Your Betfair Balance?

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Posted 29 October 2008 - 02:42 AM

Here's an interesting one, maybe...

I have noticed that when a succesful trade is made the balance showing on BF reverts to your pre back & lay level for a positive trade and to the pre back & lay level less the outstanding risk with a negative trade.

This prompts the question, with me anyway, is it possible to back, get matched, and then lay at a risk figure that would be higher than you BF balance, as the net gain / loss could be quite minimal?

Assume this...

BF Balance = 100

Matched back bet of 10.00 @ 25.00

BF balance then shows 90.00

Should the odds drop to, say 20.00, could you then lay 12.50 @ 20.00, even though your risk on the lay bet would be 237.50 with a BF balance of 90.00? (The overall trade would give a Net gain of 2.50)

Conversley, in a negative trade, could you then lay 8.33 @ 30.00, leaving a risk on the lay bet of 241.67, again with a BF balance of 90.00? (The overall trade would give a Net loss of 1.67)

Just wondered whether it was possible.



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