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Auto-betfair Has Evolved!

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Posted 02 August 2006 - 01:10 PM

I'd just like to take this opportunity to post some info with regards to the latest, and most significant changes to Auto-BF, which were released to our customers on 01/08/06

Here is a complete list of updates since the original release:

1) Available Funds Limit - You can specify and limit the exposure to your Betfair balance.

3) PPR (Profit per Race) - You can specify the amount of profit you wish to achieve

4) CLB (Consecutive Losing Bets) You can specify the number of losses you wish for the software to trade to

5) MO (Minimum Odds) You can specify the minimum odds you wish for the software to accept

6) Loss Recovered % - The default is 100 (100%). This means that the software will attempt to recoup 100% of your previous losses during a losing run. This figure can be changed to any value. You can set it to 0 (0%) which means it will not attempt to recover lost bets. You could set it to 50 (50%) which means it will attempt to recoup 50% of losses as well as secure your desired profit. You could even set it to 200! (200%) which means it will attempt to recoup DOUBLE your losses as well as your required profit

7) Resume Betting You can tell the software to stop betting after the CLB value is matched, or else continue, and reference LR % once CLB exceeded

8) LR % once CLB exceeded (Resume Betting must be switched on) This works in exactly the same way as Loss Recovered %, but is referenced once CLB is exceeded.

9) Manual Override This allows the software to bet right up to the last race. By default, this option is switched off, and the software stops at around the 6th from last race. But now with 'Manual Override' switched on, you can bet right up to the last race (offering up to 42 extra race bets per week!) and allow the software to continue where it left off on the following day.

10) Race Filtering - This option allows to you specify which particular races you'd prefer the software not to bet on, regardless of all other settings. For example, you could filter out Banded races, races with more than 15 runners, races less than 7 furlongs, etc.

11) Dynamic Options - This option is very new, but advanced users can now add dynamic formulas into the PPR, CLB, MO, LR settings.

For example,
- You could set your PPR to dynamically change to 0.5% of Your PPR
- You could set your CLB to change based on the odds available
- You could set your MO to increase progressively after each successive losing bet
- You could set your Loss Recovered to decrease progressively after each successive losing bet

Finally, we are in the middle of completing our software forum, which will allow Auto-BF users to discuss all the new options, and work together to find the best combination of settings to acheive maximum profits biggrin.gif

For those who haven't taken a free trial but would like to do so, please visit Auto-BF and click on the appropriate link

Many thanks



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