Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2014

Free Sportsbook from Sports Arbitrage World

Sports Arbitrage World are giving away some excellent software to supplement your tool kit, and here is the third free download.

This one is a Sports Arbitrage Sportsbook, and this software contains a customisable database of sportsbooks with which you will need to open accounts. You can also add their log-in codes for each site, a valuable time saving aid to help you get those trades on with plenty to spare.

The lists include 7 betting exchanges (no, I didn’t realise there were this many either!), and just about every bookmaker known to man, as well as reviews and links to the money wallet providers, such as Neteller.

As your arbitrage career unfolds, you will end up with countless accounts across the globe to maximise your trading potential, and this along with the other free stuff that Sports Arbitrage World are offering will be hugely beneficial to you.

You will need to install Adobe AIR for these programs. It’s free at

Click here to download your Free Sportsbook from Sports Arbitrage World.