Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014


Here you will find various articles about Betfair and other Betting Exchanges.

First we should examine attachment to money. What I mean by this is a trader who is unable to detach himself from the fact that in the final outcome money is at stake when you are trading.

The Betfair Application Programming Interface (API) is the tool on which participants in the Developers Program are able to build customised tools and interfaces. Normally users will read market information, place bets, and check current bet details and account statements via the Betfair web interface.

I currently have the Blackberry Storm (touchscreen) and has the option to download this application. Firstly, I went into the Betfair mobile website and put in my details including number and a text was sent to me on how to download it and install it. Easy enough.

I grow increasingly irritated at claims made by fraudulent characters claiming they have the ‘Never before seen’ system which is ‘guaranteed’ to make you money from horse racing. We’ve all seen these claims in the past. The headline “Want to quit your job and earn £5000 a month?” is usually enough to get your attention.

Do you struggle with your Betting Exchange Trading because of your win ratio? Perhaps you need a win ratio which suits your personality and psychology. As a trader your own mental well being and happiness are of paramount importance to your own success.

After lots of discussion as to whether weight of the money trading works anymore, here is the answer it took me six months to come up with. Fundamentally, the markets HAVE to be governed by the WOM dynamic.

You might expect that Federer v. Murray would be exactly the sort of match in which to use this system, but actually it is a system for backing and laying strong favourites, and perhaps it might be hard to believe it now, but Federer was a not sufficiently a strong enough favourite to qualify.

Football is a vastly different sport to bet on with regard to betting exchanges than other sports. With many of the other sports like Cricket, Golf and Tennis for example, the eventual outcome is decided by hundreds perhaps thousands of individual smaller events that slowly come together to form what is the overall result.

It is a generally accepted view that the biggest exchange - Betfair - is a perfect market, with the most popular events usually forming books that rarely rise above a 101% overround.

When I looked at all the layers on betfair who unlike their rails counterparts of days gone by, but very much like Red Robbo where all lined up ready for to lay Barcelona to win, I remembered that Hennessey Gold cup experience. And just as it was at Newbury when the favourite got beaten, Chelsea by virtue of a questionable penalty were able to level the score line in the dying seconds of the game and the layers held the day.

I am constantly receiving emails from people whose sole purpose in life is to ditch the 9 to 5 life and settle down to the riches and rewards of life as a betting exchange trader.

You'll need to keep in mind the type of event you are trading and to adjust your risk profile accordingly. It might seem obvious, but trading the same football match in play as opposed to trading and waiting for the final result of the game when the match is either not in-play or as a trader you chose not to trade are two completely different things. So what is the difference?

Betfair is the biggest betting exchange around. They have a huge range of betting markets and users so there is never a problem of getting your bets matched. Not only that but Betfair will give new account holders £20 free plus a bonus payment after three months of an amount which depends on your betting activity over those first three months. Use our Refer and Earn code 4PM3KGQQA for your Free £20 Bet and bonuses.

We traded another two top football matches this week and we did very well out of them thank you. The Liverpool V Benfica match I'll cover at a later date. Chelsea V Barcelona was billed as the match of the year so far, but from a spectator point of view failed to deliver.

Part of Trading is always looking around you in order to try and relate real life situations to what happens in the market. Try this and it will help your trading I guarantee it. Many people get very upset with themselves and the market in general when it refuses to perform or behave in the same way two days in a row.

If you continue using just Betfair’s website, then you face a distinct disadvantage, particularly if you are keen on horse racing and not keen on doing all the maths yourself to work out how much to put on Horse A in order to guarantee a profit, or how much to put on 4 horses in one race to secure a return.

The small fields which are a hallmark of this new jumps season can afford us an ideal opportunity to spot stable gambles – horses who may have been deliberately run over the wrong distance in their previous races, or with deliberate tactics to put them at a distinct advantage in their previous races suddenly win at 25/1 in their next race, or at least go very close.

Let's start with a basic premise that will be familiar to everyone. There is an explicit relationship between winning percentage and the price obtainable that defines whether one is successful or not. 50% winner at 1/1 is break even, at 10/11 it equates to a loss at 11/10 then there is profit. As the saying goes, this is not rocket science.

The most interesting thing is that tennis has been actually neglected by the traders and the majority trade on horses, football and greyhounds. However, having followed the first tennis match and the corresponding odds fluctuations on Betfair Patrick got it straight away – there’s a big potential in there.

I now have had a full week at the Australian Open (OK, I was not actually there, unfortunately only in my dreams) to assess the performance of the tennis betting systems. The results from the Tennis Betting System are mixed, showing a return of just above average.

As you can fancy, the way to the truth and the creation of the ""Bookie Club"" system was incredibly difficult. What you are going to learn about is the true account of the gloomiest period of my life, and nothing is exaggerated or kept silent. In fact, about this period of my life know only my closest friends. Parents? No, that would be unbearable to them...

A trader who is starting out should be thinking about which markets interest him. An ardent and hardened football fan may find the glories of the 18th green at Wentworth simply a bore, golf might switch him off as opposed to on and therefore his ability to trade a game of golf will from the outset be diminished.

This is the first of a series of articles which will discuss strategies for making profit from trading football on Betfair. There are a number of basic rules to good trading, and one is the ability to admit you were wrong and take action to retrieve the situation.

However, what I am about to say may surprise some people: The value of value betting is often exaggerated. But please do not misunderstand me: searching for value is often a sensible thing to do, after all who wants to place a bet at 5/1 if it is available elsewhere at 6/1? And indeed with some strategies it is an essential part in the repertoire. A good example of this is arbing, as for example the recently featured UCan't lose service, where unless you can find value in the bets, you will not make a profit.

Is it possible to make money on Betfair? How can we tell what type of money is on the table and where it came from? Contrary to popular thinking the volume of money on the back/lay side of a possible selection is no indication as to its future movement.

One of the things that many punters fail to take into account when they are active on “in running” betting exchange markets on live televised events is that the pictures that they are seeing are behind what is actually happening. These differences vary in length but in certain sports this delay can be crucial.

One of the most frequent questions I get from clients is the one which says something like Why is that everytime I put a trade on it immediately goes against me? Please help!! Sound familiar? Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt?

Most first-time traders fail to turn a profit for their efforts. Learn why this is, and break free from the traditional methods of trading. Most punters who use Betfair do not make any money from the site, and may never do so. The reason for this can be expressed with one simple phrase: "herd mentality".

We highlight some of the factors which might play a part in forcing a horses odds to shorten or drift. If you can spot these trends, you can get on the back of one and back the horse, laying it off for a profit later in the day. There are two types of strategy to look at here. 1) Long term market - From the morning of the race to the actual race. 2) Short term market - Starting 10-15 mins before the race.

In an earlier blog I quoted the well known statistic that over 90% of traders do or eventually will lose some or all of their money. I also mentioned that many qualified and intelligent people come to the market and very surprised when they find out how difficult it is to make money. In this blog I will cover some of the reasons why this is so.

Going back to our topic, the primary advantage we have by using a Betfair bot is that we don’t need to spend anymore time in front of our computers or on the phone with our personal betting consultant or agent. We can use it`s hiyp applications for various races: from horse race betting to simple card betting, like poker or blackjack.