Sunday, Jul. 20, 2014

Federer and the ChampWinnings System

Now that Federer has once more put Murray’s hope of his first Grand Slam title to bed,as if to rub it in,  it’s time to look at the ChampWinnings  System, the second part of the Tennis Trading League.

You might expect that Federer v. Murray would be exactly the sort of match in which to use this system, but actually it is a system for backing and laying strong favourites, and perhaps it might be hard to believe it now, but Federer was a not sufficiently a strong enough favourite to qualify.

But you will find plenty of match on the year round circuit that do qualify.

Without revealing any secrets, the system employs a strategy of backing and laying favourites in tennis matches.  And the main point about the system is that it aims to bring you excellent profits over the long term.  It recognises that you will make losses, but it shows you how to ensure these losses are kept to an acceptable level.

As is well illustrated in the live example, when you win this will more than outweigh your losses.  And in fact, it shows you how to maximise your profits on winning trades.  Some of these can potentially bring you a very large profit indeed, and this will more than outweigh the much smaller losses.

As with the scalping system, the system is only going to work if you show good discipline in your trading.

But clearly the author has spent a long time analysing the markets.  And I can tell you from my own trading, that this is extremely important in order to be successful.

You need to develop an excellent understanding of the markets, and the benefit of this system is that you have the insights of a clearly highly experienced traded who abandoned all other systems in favour of this system.  You need to be persistent, and I think if you are willing to put the time into it and build up your stakes slowly you can make profits from this system.

As I said in the previous article, the tennis terminology used is not always strictly correct – but it does not really detract from the value of the system.

And talking of persistence, this is something which Andy Murray is going to need,  as I discuss in my latest post on the Australian Open final.