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Just like any jobs there are pros and cons but I feel there are more pros, particularly regarding being your own boss, financial benefits (including not paying taxes) and choosing your hours.

Now, I know this is slightly controversial but i'm not one to shy away....

I have filtered out players with at least 500 hands and the biggest losing results in terms of big bets per 100 hands and this is the list I came up with. Note that this database goes back about 6 months and a lot of these fish are no longer with us :(. I have marked in red the ones that still make regular donations in limit.

Not sure why it only occurred today to publish a Betfair Poker shark list but it makes sense. So, if you're smart enough, you avoid thesesharks at all costs!

The limits are pretty much the same as fish list so it's 2/5 limit up to 10/20 limit and 10/20c nl up to 1/2 nl. The regulars are marked in red and not surprisingly, most of them are still around (unlike the fish list).

Featuring the 'Biggest Boobs In Poker...'

Leo and his friend win the ticket in the Titanic in this game. The hands are realistic 2 pair vs full house. Personally, I would have preferred that they lost the hand so I wouldn't have to watch the rest of the film and I could get back those 3 hours of my life...

Whether you like it or not, maths is an important part of poker and you need to know your approximate odds at any time in a hand to make the most of your chances of winning. Fortunately, it’s not so complicated and in this article I will give you an introduction to pot odds.

Seriously, short stackers tilt me. If you don't know who they are then let me explain to you. Let's say you're sitting at a 1/2 nl game and there's a few players with $250 stack, a few with $150 and there will almost always be one or two shortstack scum(s) with $20.

Obviously there are not as many tells when playing on the internet as there are when playing in person. You cannot see the other player in order to read his/her expressions and emotions. But believe it or not, there are times when you can pick up on the playing habits of another player online.

Even though the rules of the game remain consistent, head-up is completely different to a normal poker game with 6-10 players. It is truly the ‘truest form of poker’ and pure 'psychological warfare'. The cards matter less and your read on your opponent matters much more. Nevertheless, there are huge swings involved as it is very easy to obtain over 200 hands an hour.

Collusion is rife in online-poker and personally I have experienced it regularly, particularly over the past few monthss. In this article I will explain what collusion is and give you tips and advice on how to avoid being made a victim. I will also explain how to profit from colluders!

These are my favourite hands to play since they are super easy to play and you have the potential to make massive pots if you hit your set. They win the most money since they are most difficult to detect (hidden monsters), unlike flushes or straights. Against tight players or fish who overvalue big pairs, they are most valuable.

Poker Statistics and Hand Probabilities...

These types of players are your bread and butter, cash-cow 'friends' that you want to be up against all the time since you will win the most money out of them. The fish are usually found in most small stakes cash games and tournaments.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Greeks and Cypriots with similar sounding nicknames? Also, why some of them lose their stack but stubbornly just sit out with $0. This is particularly frustrating if you are playing a heads-up game and have accumulated a substantial stack and you're forced to move to another table.

Overcoming tilt is crucial if you want to establish yourself as a consistent winner. Of course this is much easier said than done. I hope to give you some tips on just how to beat the tilt monster.