Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014


Strategies for Betfair betting, trading, in-play betting, football bookings, trading different markets etc. The more you can learn about trading, the more successful you’re likely to become.

Many punters go about attacking the betting exchanges in different ways. Some trade or attempt to trade in running, some trade price movements prior to the off. Others try and find value with the higher priced horses which are substantially higher on the exchanges while others look to lay horses that they think will lose.

The benefits of an exchange are best displayed in a live sporting event. The chances of a team's ebb and flow during play enabling traders to constantly revise and improve their position.

This is a short series of profitable trading strategies. Completely different to the analytical approach of assessing weight of money and studying price/volume charts (not that there is anything wrong with this method at all).

The thing is, a market manipulator will enter an amount in one of the outside columns, but will not intend to get matched. We don't trade off the back of these guys.

If you want to trade on the betting exchanges in the football markets then knowledge can go an awful long way just like it can with any market.

A strategy I used in the World Cup was to lay what I thought was an underpriced team, in Holland. That might sound like gambling and not trading, but by backing them to qualify from their group, then each of their second round games, using a progressive staking plan,

This strategy involves identifying teams who regularly pick up bookings and laying them in the ‘under 5 points’ booking markets (as long as the game has more than two yellow cards, you win the lay as a yellow card is equal to 2 points.

This is to do with over/under betting. Generally speaking, it's not hard to find stats that will indicate whether a team scores or concedes many goals. Obviously when two teams with tight defences and poor attacks meet, the game tends to have few goals and vice-versa.