Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014


Poker Software available to help you with your Poker playing.

Donohoe Digital is the 'DD' behind DD Poker. The company is comprised of Doug Donohoe, the founder and Greg King, a friend of Doug's since childhood.

I was away for three weeks during Christmas and New Years and didn’t take my laptop with me. Eventually, of course I succumbed to my drug and played some online poker but it wasn’t the same. I just didn’t feel like I had an edge and that was because I was playing without my Holdem Manager program. I did OK but at times, I just had no idea what to do.

Hold'em Winner and No Hands Hold'em will give you that edge at the table in seconds and take away the guesswork out of poker. This is available for every decision, from pre-flop strategy all the way through to calling at the river.

Manage Your Poker League: Create and manage a poker league or join an existing league. Track your/other player stats over time to see who is doing well in the league.

Try Pokulator's unique poker odds calculators to determine the odds in poker while you play! You can calculate poker odds that any hand will win once all of the cards are dealt and the chances to make each hand.