Wednesday, Sep. 24, 2014


Football betting systems and software reviews.

I have been looking at the Football Trading System (ftsincome) from the well respected Ian Erskine this week. Ian has been using his system for the last 6 years now and has built on its' success by carving out a couple of niche systems to be used in tandem with the main system.

Soccer Magic Matrix is the younger brother of BOSS and is a nifty little piece of software that sorts your doubles, trebles and accumulators into profit winning combinations. If you are a lover of multiples, accas or perms, this is a must for you and at £29.95 is an absolute snip.

Some years ago in my Football emporium I used a piece of software known as The BOSS (Betting On Soccer Strategy). It helped frame my bets on one particular football market and very successful it was too. Since arriving at LTO I have been asked to do a review on this same piece of software. We are now actually onto Version 3 and I have been putting it through its' paces this week.