Wednesday, Sep. 24, 2014


Back/Lay Arbitrage - exploit discrepancies between a selection's Back and Lay prices. Back/Lay calculates the stakes for backing and laying a selection for a guaranteed profit whenever its Lay price on one site is higher than its Back price on another site.

Book Arbitrage - exploit price discrepancies within an event. Multiback calculates the stakes for backing all selections in an underround book so that you win a guaranteed level profit, whichever selection wins.

Dutching losers - spread your bets over the likely losers
Multilay calculates the stakes for laying a few useless selections for a level profit (as long as none of them wins!).

Dutching winners - spread your bets over the likely winners
Multiback calculates the stakes for backing a few selections so that you earn a level profit if either of them wins.

Arb Cruncher - the calculator that takes the risk out of sports betting. Arb Cruncher is a free online betting calculator that calculates the optimal stakes for a wide range of profitable betting activities, such as arbitrage, trading, dutching, Draw No Bet betting, perming and much more.

Dutching is the method used to back more than one horse in a race and by mathematically placing the correct stake on each horse so that no matter which horse wins the same amount of money is returned (assuming, of course, that one of the backed horses actually does win). Learn how to use the Free dutching calculator provided on this site.

This example shows you how to lay an overround book of 103.48% for a level guaranteed profit, whatever the outcome. The example assumes that there are no liquidity constraints, so you decide that you want to spend £500 creating your book.

Trading - Exploit price fluctuations on Betting Exchanges.
Back/Lay calculates the stakes for closing a trade at any given exit price for an immediate level profit. Supports both intra-exchange and inter-exchange trading.