Monday, Oct. 20, 2014


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With the Flat Turf behind us and the new National Hunt season already experiencing abandoned meetings due to the weather, it seemed appropriate to take a look at the All Weather methods/systems scene.

This system has been used by astute backers for years - but now the secret has been let out of the bag and recent buyers have been suitably impressed. "Such a simple method that can make a lot of money and quickly. It's a real eye opener, I actually think the sky is the limit with this one." Leonard

Betfair Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to picking winners using a simple but comprehensive process, and is definitely not just a list of meaningless rules. The method works brilliantly to offer a regular and consistent second income opportunity.

Written by a UK Professional Punter, Ian Russell, Betfair Conspiracy is the latest “Wonder Product” to come to market. Well is it just another hyped up scam or can it actually deliver on the promises it makes in the sales patter on the promotional sales page?

Developed by a former lecturer in mathematical statistics Betting Assassin will enable you to make money from not only horse racing, but many other sports such as football, tennis, basketball and baseball.

The Betting Cash System offers a brand new, never seen before method, that can help you earn £50-£100 per day on Betfair without fail. The method is simple, easy to follow and can be started with a bank as little as £50.

Betting Sniper is a step-by-step method to make money without spending hours studying form or analyzing data. It takes 15-20 minutes per day and can sit comfortably alongside your 9-5 job, and can be started with a nominal bank and comes with 24/7 support should you require any assistance.

It can be applied to each and every kind of sports... and any betting bookie. It's consistent. And it's reliable. It can be thoroughly tested and practiced without having to risk any of your real money. Can be used anywhere, anytime because the Online Bookies are always open.

After many years of testing going back as far as 1986, the refined selection process was then implemented and has been making substantial profits for the last 7 years. How was this achieved-by being selective!!!

Proofed for more than one year the Easy Back Method has delivered over £1948 profit to £10 stakes at Betfair sp(commission deducted at 5%).

A brand new and innovative racing service offering a truly different approach to profit from horse racing. Each horse and each race is analysed individually using unique handicap ratings, in addition to the usual factors such as pace, draw and going etc.

Follow the Fortune looks at particular races and examines the first and second favourites with a view to backing or laying them. Both aspects of the system are profitable, you can just use the lay bets only, the back bets on their own, or a combination of both. The system requires you to place the bets just before the off and a web page is available which will give the last minute instructions of the bets Roger will actually be placing himself.

A step-by-step, 52 week Training Program for becoming a Successful Pro Gambler. With the introductory quick start lesson you will be finding your own value bets in the first 90 minutes after you register for the Puntology course.

This amazing horseracing system made over 50 points profit at the last Cheltenham Racing Festival, and has been making profits week in week out ever since, and is perfectly poised to repeat the feat again at this years meeting in just a few weeks time.

Betting systems from Sportsworld Publishing. Sportsworld Publishing supply many different horse racing systems including quick on the draw, the bookie demolisher, the perfect punter tipping service plus many more.

If your interested in making easy, tax free income then learn the secrets that The 3 Minute Systems can offer and start winning from betting on horse racing today.

Create a good steady salary every month, working from home, without having to learn anything about horses, racing trainers or jockeys. This system is based on tried and tested statistics, not tipsters, insider tips or any other false information as to whether or not a horse is going to lose or win.

The FFF plan is designed to be able to generate a high level of income from betting on horses. Surprisingly many people have asked me why would you want to do this. Well, apart from the money of course you don’t even have to leave your own home! The author of this system used it to to earn £7,000 from an initial £12 investment in around a month.

No more useless Betfair Systems, that leave you wishing you had a MENSA membership. Arm yourself with the latest gambling information, end your years of frustration and empty pockets by finally mastering the art of the exchanges.

The Tyche Windfall is a horse racing backing system that has over 5 years worth of very profitable and fully checkable past results. In fact the publishers are so confident about them, that they offer a £1000 CASH REWARD if you are able to spot an error in either the past results or the profits claimed!!!