Friday, Sep. 20, 2013

Tyche Windfall System

This new system has been getting some great reviews and feedback, so I thought it would be worth taking a closer look…..

The Tyche Windfall is a horse racing backing system that has over 5 years worth of very profitable and fully checkable past results. In fact the publishers are so confident about them, that they offer a £1000 CASH REWARD if you are able to spot an error in either the past results or the profits claimed!!!

The long term success has been achieved by concentrating on races that most punters would either avoid or more likely be looking to lay the horses in. This has a very positive affect for the selections as the prices can get pushed out and therefore offers greater value than the true chances of them winning.

The Tyche Windfall system is very selective and does not have bets everyday. The system rules are simple and straightforward to follow and selections can be found in minutes, and the bets can be placed at any time prior to the race using the Betfair SP facility, which has been proven to out perform the bookmakers prices, although these can be used as well.

You can get started with a bank as little as £50 and the Tyche Windfall system also comes with a simple but veryeffective staking plan which has been designed to maximise the profits.

Having now taken a closer look I will be adding the Tyche Windfall system to my own personal betting portfolio……