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Welcome to the Betfair Trading Courses section. If you would like to see the Trading courses in a directory style format, please click here - Betfair Trading Courses.

500everyweek was designed to describe in detail each of the systems I use on a daily basis to earn a tidy second income from the betting exchanges such as Betfair.

Attack the Betting Exchanges provides a solid theoretical foundation to making money on Betfair.

Trading in the financial stock market is very similar to horse racing when it comes to making or losing money. With both you never know from one day to the next if you're going to make a huge profit or lose everything you've gambled.

This strategy has been tested out by a many different people, including friends who know nothing about betting to associates in the horse racing world, including a professional gambler.

Betfair Rebellion is the only system that allows you to accurately compute racehorse selections. If you can count to ten, then Betfair Rebellion is the perfect selection system for you. With Betfair Rebellion you eliminate the guess work with selecting races that give you the best odds for winning.

By analzying some SIMPLE information this guide will teach everything you need to know to make MASSIVE daily profits on Betfair. Learn to: Profit on ANY horse before the race even begins! Back at high odds! Lay virtually "risk free" horses for massive profits and much more.

The Betting Exchange Toolkit gives you: Clear explanations of all ideas, theories and jargon so everyone can understand the workings of successful betting. Step-by-step walkthroughs of real-life situations so you feel comfortable applying the ideas.

What has been "Created" is the ulitmate opportunity, for any Betfair Punter out there, to make a consistent profit from the betting exchanges on a daily basis.

It tells to pick up the right races, identify the candidates and make the right bets - a strategy created by years of studying the statistics, puting them together and testing tons of different formulas until all the pieces fell in places, and the result is...

Six modules of Sports betting information which include Massive money from sports betting, guaranteed horse betting profits, high profit football betting strategies, the exclusive money getter system, secret betting exchange profits, pro punter inside secrets and a whole lot more!

Bruce Goldmayer has been professionally gambling and betting on major sports events for several years now. He consistently earns more with gambling every year than most doctors make working full time.

In fact, that one technique alone has made him over £30,000 in profit since. It also gave him the confidence to spend hundreds of hours analysing the markets and looking for even more "loopholes" in the Betfair system.

This manual accompanies the excellent trading service from Exchange Traders – and I say excellent on the basis of a long and personal experience plus an excellent hit rate in excess of 80 per cent (and often higher) consistently turns in profits ragining between £20 to £60 per trade (which of course can be higher with higher stakes).

The Complete Betfair Trading Course = A FREE course in POWER TRADING This dynamic new course takes you step by step from the very beginning of actually opening an account on Betfair.

Learn the secrets of trading profitably on Betfar. This system will teach you step by step with a set of rules showing you How to trade profitable on the British Horse races whilst in play!

Mike J Davies has written an advanced betfair trading guide. This course is not for beginners. He talks about Power Trading, Steaming The Favourite, BE The Bookie and The Flying Dutchman". An analysis of Betfair, and Horse Racing Strategies using Bet Angel.

Betting exchanges have revolutionised the betting markets completely turning them on their head. Hundreds of millions of pounds a week is now matched on betting exchanges as more and more people discover exchanges and how to really use them.

Malcolm Pett & Steve Ashley have pulled together 14 of the most well-known online betting industry's authors and professional gamblers and 'picked their brains' to deliver what can only be described as the most unique collection of sports betting profit strategies and systems I have ever seen.

All he is doing... it tapping into an unlimited supply of profit on the betting markets. It's simple.. it's easy... it's guaranteed! Just take this opportunity and see for yourself. Take a look at Project Betfair for Screen shot proof of earnings.

Building your own portfolio of profitable betting systems, strategies and methods is perhaps THE best success model ever. The Easiest Way To Create Long Term Betting Profits Is To Learn How to Create Your Own Race Ratings Which Will Identify Value Bets.

How to extract £200, maybe £350, every single day, using Betfair and the British horse races. By analysing the right information, Betfair was a gold mine, just waiting to be picked. Learn how to build up an entire "financial niche", just by placing back and lay bets on the British Racing each afternoon.

The Racing Voodoo System unlocks on of Betfair’s biggest loopholes... and you will learn how to exploit That loophole for all it’s worth. The System uses a special technique capable of extracting a lot more profit Than an average system using an untapped secret which has yet to be exposed to the general public

I have developed the perfect solution for you. "Snooker Trading Made Simple" provides you with the exact methods I use to create green screens and profit opportunities on the snooker markets with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Tennis Trader is a versatile system used for betting on Betfair. It contains a number of different trading methods and strategies which are designed to help you to win more games without exposing you to unnecessary risk, the strategies are designed to be able you to win more bets.

One of the sales pitches on the Tennis Trading League site is that you do not need any tennis knowledge to make the system work. But sensibly the manual begins by explaining the basic rules of tennis.

I've created the Tennis Trading League System after long months of trading in-play tennis on Betfair but in fact it's all quite simple and you don't have to pack your head full of new terms, data and who knows what else.

Horse Racing trades are excellent fun and can be a profitable pastime. There is racing 6 and sometimes 7 days a week in every country so the possibilities are endless. You can make anything from 10 - 50 trades a day on the racing if you want to and there are a lot of people that do just that.