Monday, Oct. 20, 2014

Trading on Horse Racing

Horse Racing trades are excellent fun and can be a profitable pastime. There is racing 6 and sometimes 7 days a week in every country so the possibilities are endless. You can make anything from 10 - 50 trades a day on the racing if you want to and there are a lot of people that do just that.

Horse racing is a little more tricky to trade on than team games because you have a lot of contestants to worry about but this also makes for a very buoyant and moveable market for us to exploit.

Horse racing trades are not as safe as some other trades and the profits tend to be lower on each trade but there is the opportunity to make a lot more trades. We usually recommend using software to help with Horse racing trades on Betfair as the market can move very quickly and you can be left high and dry but this is all explained in the manual.

The Horse Racing Trading Manual

The horse racing manual contains the basic trading manual in full along with a detailed trading section which explains fully how to trade on the sport of kings. This sections is an additional 4 pages packed with our advice on horse racing trades and contains information about:

Which in-play markets to trade on.

How to trade before the off and in-running.

How to read the market and ensure you trade properly.

Best techniques to use and how to make multiple trades on each race.

More Information on The Horse Racing Trading Manual