Monday, Oct. 20, 2014


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The betalay system is based upon in-depth statistical research covering the outcome of every British horse race for more than ten years. Once you obtain betalay you will be able to select horses that WILL lose their race, and for your protection the selections NEVER exceed 8/1.

The 'Easy Money from Losing Horses' lay betting system is a must for anyone seeking to gain a thorough understanding of the laying process. Clear and concise, the ebook is well written and easy to understand! Here's just some of what you will discover: How to identify vulnerable favourites at short prices and generate MEGA profits by laying them to lose.

Betfair Accredited trainer reveals why laying horses on betfair isn`t the walk in the park many experts are claiming. You need to know more about the sport and have access to the very best system to do it consistantly. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to identify consistant losers, and show you the best time to place your lay bets, to obtain the lowest liabilty.

In Ross's e-book you will have access to years of painstaking research, so all you have to do is follow his proven money making tactics and you will be sure to profit. The problem with all these other systems out there is that they have two major faults. One they are not proven to work in the long term and two the selection process is not clear enough, leaving too many unanswered questions. With Frontline Lay you will be left in no doubt.

The system takes into account a "hidden gem" right infront of your eyes on Betfair, and requires no access to form guides such as the Racing Post. The method is designed for quick, and simple selections, which any Betfair novice can use to start profiting in a few minutes of application.

In a 10 horse race, you only have a 10 percent chance of picking the winner. But in that same race, you have a 90 percent chance of choosing the horses that lose. You see, your chances of making a profit are far greater if you simply choose losing horses.

The system will allow you to make money and the best thing about it is all bets can be placed the morning or evening before the races! You do not need to be in front of the PC, wasting hours of your precious time. In just a few minutes time, you are going to learn the most profitable punting method ever exposed. You will also receive the "Professional Punter Resource" manual which is included in the package!

Racing Secrets Exposed is NOT just another "horse racing laying system". What you will discover are the insider secrets professional bettors have been using for years to earn ridiculous profits from laying horses to lose on Betfair.

You know the scenario. You back a horse to win and it duly loses. You lay the next one to lose and it wins. Frustrating, isn't it? There's no way of covering both outcomes and there's the conundrum. But what if there was a way to cover both outcomes and win whether a horse wins or loses?

"The Layers Edge" is a professional laying system developed and based upon sound statistical principles, to literally give you as a layer the edge over fellow punters on the betting exchanges. Very easy to use and apply, Layers Edge takes you by the hand and walks you through an amazing sure fire process that will have you winning more and more bets by betting on LOSING horses than you ever imagined possible.

Taking a typical eight-runner horse race as an example, how likely do you think it is that the Bookmaker is going to make money? Well, in the traditional way of betting, you or I are looking to find one horse out of the eight runners that will win and make us money.