Sunday, May. 11, 2014

The Layers Edge

Layers Edge“The Layers Edge” is a professional laying system developed and based upon sound statistical principles, to literally give you as a layer the edge over fellow punters on the Betfair betting exchange.

Very easy to use and apply, Layers Edge takes you by the hand and walks you through an amazing sure fire process that will have you winning more and more bets by betting on LOSING horses than you ever imagined possible. You heard me right! Layers Edge shows you how to lay bets on losers that make you a winner, every time!

This new laying system is so easy to follow even a child could be successful with it. Imagine the possibility and profitability of laying horses based on FACTS, FIGURES, NUMBERS & STATISTICS, day after day and increasing your profits without the stress and fear of losing again and again. When your horse loses, you WIN, it’s that simple! The Layers Edge system firmly places the odds in the YOUR favour.

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