Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014

Product Owners Get Instant Exposure…

If you have your own product, service, system, software, website, tipping service, book or other and would like to be included in the directory relating to your product or service, please send an email to us through the contact us form.

Or, visit the forum, go you the specific category and contact the moderator of the section.

At present we have the following directories and all sub directories within each category.

Betfair Games
Betfair Trading
Financial Trading
Football Betting
Horse Racing
Lay Betting
Sports Betting
Sports Spread Betting

To be included within the directory please send your link, the category you’d like to be included into and a 60-100 word description of your website, product or service. (Please write this description as unique text rather than copied from your website.)

We’ll then add your link and site description to the site within 7 days.

Get Quick Exposure For Your Product or Service!

If you’re launching  a product, ebook, system, software etc… contact us as early as possible. Send us a review copy and we’ll have your review/ update up on the site ready for your launch.

Or, if you have an update for your product or service, system, betting software etc, then let our readers know about it as quickly as possible.

This way we can bring the latest news and products to our readers and you will get instant exposure.