Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014


ChipMeUp is a stacking site that is similar to the concept of the stock market in that you if you choose your investments carefully, you can realise a decent profit.

Now this can take the form of private coaching which can be pricey and usually $50 an hour or more. Or you can join a coaching site such as Deuces Cracked and watch videos and commentaries by their professional players.

I read carefully both volumes of the Double and Nothing SnG Strategy (which will be referred as DoN from onwards) and then proceeded to play a few of these single table tournaments to test out what I had learned.

At first I was extremely reluctant why someone would pay $100 for an e-book. I certainly would have to think long and hard before I made that sort of investment. However, after reading it, I would pay up to $200 for it and I’m not exaggerating!

Skilled Online Poker is an ebook written by poker pro Bill ‘BillyJex’ Vosti from skilledonlinepoker who has made 235k over a two year period playing online poker and screenshots of his earnings are available on the website.

By following the instructions in this manual you can make in excess of $100,000 per year playing full time. Now of course, I read these types of statements and I am a bit skeptical. However, with an open mind I proceeded to read this manual and here are of my thoughts:

First thoughts are that the Kill No Limit electronic book is comprehensive, consisting of 106 pages and very easy to read and follow. The chapters are broken down nicely into small paragraphs and many paragraphs have numbers.

What surprised me most about the Online Poker Training System is the cost. At only $8.95 (£5.70), I was really wondering if this was a scam at the very worst or just crap work at the very best.

Outstanding Poker was founded in an effort to educate and improve the poker ability of any prospective students. Outstanding Poker offers assistance and guidance at every possible angle: videos, articles, and podcasts all at one site from pro poker players.

Pokah Face is an ebook that teaches you how to spot live poker tells, ie the strength of your opponent’s hand by their body language.This is what the author (who has chosen to remain anonymous) has to say about his book:

The Poker Training Weekly Course is unique since small lessons (5 to 7 pages) are delivered on a weekly basis for a full year. This, at lest in my opinion, is preferential than other products that are delivered all at once since the student is more likely to remember smaller chunks of information and therefore achieve immediate and better results.

With the Pokerbility software, you get all of the expertise custom-designed to help you win at online poker -- and you don't even have to feed it lunch. Pokerbility is a software program designed to be your partner while you play poker. It will display the odds of every hand in a clear, easy to understand format, giving you the information you need to make the right decisions every time.

Just imagine for one second you sit down at a table and know exactly how he plays but he doesn't know anything about you. Now would that give you a massive edge over him? Of course. This is the concept behind PokerTableRatings. This is like having the Betfair Fish List but MUCH BIGGER.

At first I was quite curious as to why someone would write an e-book about how to beat social network poker. However, after logging into facebook poker (zynga network), I saw how hugely popular it was and many people seem to take it quite seriously!

As you can probably gather from title, Winning Texas Hold'Em for Dummies is aimed at beginner players and goes through the motions with hand rankings and the rules of the game...