Friday, Aug. 9, 2013

Outstanding Poker Review

Outstanding Poker was founded in an effort to educate and improve the poker ability of any prospective students. Outstanding Poker offers assistance and guidance at every possible angle: videos, articles, and podcasts all at one site from pro poker players. These guys are not as well known as instructors in Stoxx or Deuces Cracked but the truth of the matter is that they offer a great service at a reasonable price.

If you would like to know more about who they are, you can find the info here:

Outstanding PokerI watched three random instructional videos. Two of them were low limit No Limit cash games and the other one was a Multi Table Tournament. My thoughts are that the instructors are highly competent and intelligent. The videos are to the point and direct.

Every decision has a logical thought process behind it and is explained in detail. Also, the use of technical analysis (hold ‘em manager heads up display) in order to aid decision making is complementary to the learning experience.

The MTT video in particular was interesting since it was not the commentator who was playing ‘live’ but going through hand reviews of another players and commenting where he could have played a certain hand better and why. This is a great way for a viewer to avoid common mistakes.

This site is great for someone starting out since the videos tend to be focused more on low to medium limit games.


My only negative about the whole experience is not so much a criticism of Oustanding Poker but of poker videos in general in that the person commentating always seems to ‘run so damn good’. In other words, they always win and win a lot. Now, this could be down to some clever editing (removing videos of bad sessions) or that the commentator tends to play better when he knows that people will watch him. Either way, it’s frustrating to watch sometimes!

Membership Options & Fees:

Initiation: $0

Monthly: $14.99


Hold ‘em – low/mid stakes

Sit ‘N Gos – low/mid stakes

Multi Table Tournaments – low/mid stakes


$250 weekly freeroll for Outstanding Poker customers at various sites


At a bargain price of $14.99 a month this is a fantastic deal. This small investment will certainly pay itself in your first session after learning from the pros. I highly recommend this service in order to improve your game.

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