Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013

Deuces Cracked Coaching

Let’s suppose for a minute that you are a professional athlete, let’s say a sprinter. Now you would never dream of training without a coach or many coaches! You need someone there to watch you throughout your training and give you advice when needed. This input is crucial in order to develop your potential and go for that gold medal in the Olympics.

Poker is by no means any different. Players can only learn so much by themselves and ultimately if your goal is to take the game seriously and make some decent money, sooner or later you will need some coaching. Now this can take the form of private coaching which can be pricey and usually $50 an hour or more. Or you can join a coaching site such as Deuces Cracked and watch videos and commentaries by their professional players.

Deuces CrackedI joined up about two years ago and regularly check the sites for new videos. In total I have watched about 25 videos on Deuces Cracked and I must say that this has helped my game tremendously by plugging leaks. My favourite coach runs a series called “KING FOR A DAY” and coaches NL ranges from 50nl up to 200nl.

There are also limit cash and tournament videos, if that’s what you’re into. If you can afford it, the site also offers private tuition.

Main Features:

  • Cost: $23-$30 a month (with no sign up fee)
  • New Videos: Every weekday +
  • Core Focus: Cash games
  • Database: Over 600 videos
  • Video / Sound Quality: High
  • Download / Streaming: Both available
  • Archive Size: 600+ videos


The only downside is that some videos contain some marginal situations that coaches tend to dwell on endlessly. There was one video where a decision of whether to call/fold took about 10 minutes! Now, of course it’s important if you’re playing for your whole stack but it gets boring after a while and the debate can become academic, particularly for the beginner players. Luckily, you are able to fast forward situations that are not as educational.


Overall, I highly recommend Deuces Cracked to take your game to the next level, at an affordable price.