Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014


Here you’ll find courses related to arbitrage and creating win win bets.

This one is a Sports Arbitrage Sportsbook, and this software contains a customisable database of sportsbooks with which you will need to open accounts. You can also add their log-in codes for each site, a valuable time saving aid to help you get those trades on with plenty to spare.

Here is the second one, and it's a Trader Diary, a ready made enhancement to your management software.
This application is a simple tool that allows you to keep a diary of your trades. It has a template built in so all you have to do is add the specific details of the bets you place.

Sports Arbitrage World are the premier arbitrage service provider around, and you can get some free examples of the quality they deliver from a list of downloads available here. The first one is a Trader Startup Guide, a 5 chapter document containing lots of valuable information, most of which are vital recommendations which you should have in place before embarking on your arb career.

Low cost systems and strategies from principally arbitrage related, but also available are resources for horse racing, golf, soccer (as our friends across the pond, and David Beckham, call it), poker, casino, and your mainline US sports.

If you are already experienced with arbitrage, then you should look at ArbAlarm to deliver arbs to your desktop in real-time, leverage your time and significantly increase your profitability.