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Zero Risk Sports Arbitrage Free Mini Course

Sports ArbitrageSign up to the Free course and you will receive:

A free 10-part arbitrage mini-course
A free subscription to the monthly arbitrage newsletter
A free arbitrage stakes-calculator

What can I find at Zero Risk Arbitrage?

Tools to make your arbitrage processes more efficient and profitable and a software-driven arbitrage location service.

If you are only just learning about this technique, then don’t buy anything right now. Use the zero-risk trial to judge the opportunity for yourself and decide whether this form of trading is suitable to you. Many of your questions will be answered in their Customer Support & Learning Centre.

However, if you want to speed up your learning & deepen your knowledge immediately, then you should download the full Sports-Arbitrage Course.

If you are already experienced with arbitrage, then you should look at ArbAlarm to deliver arbs to your desktop in real-time, leverage your time and significantly increase your profitability.

The Ebook will teach you in a clear, concise and easy to understand format, how to identify opportunities, where to find them and how to structure the bets. It also includes an odds conversion calculator and an arbitrage stakes calculator.

You will learn:

* How and why arbitrage works
* The factors required for an arbitrage to exist
* Which events yield the best opportunities
* Three ways to maximize your profits (taking NO risk)
* Pitfalls to be aware of and how to avoid them
* How to keep track of your bets, accounts and money movements
* How to optimise your processes to take full advantage of risk-free betting opportunities
* How to take advantage of a bookmaker’s pricing error without taking any risk
* Using bet-exchanges in arbitrage
* How to reduce transaction costs and exchange rate losses when dealing with foreign bookmakers
* How to profit even when an arb’s profit percentage is less than the credit card transaction fee levied by the bookmaker
* How to deal with bookmakers maximum stake allowances
* Why it sometimes pays to be prepared to tie up funds for months in an arbitrage
* How to manage your trading capital most effectively
* Techniques which prevent bookmakers from identifying you as an arbitrageur
* The dangers of “pseudo-arbs” & why they should be avoided
* How to construct arbs from normal handicap & Asian handicap bets
* How to use the various odds-comparison services most effectively and what dangers to watch out for
* The 5 types of baseball arbitrage and their differing risk-profiles
* How to use soccer markets to generate risk-free windfalls of over 100%
* How to find the hidden arbs in golf that most arbitrage traders will never even see

More Information on Zero Risk Arbitrage

Zero Risk Arbitrage currently has a special Offer with a combination package of 3 essential tools to get you started.

The e-book will teach you, in a clear, concise and easy to understand format, how to identify opportunities, where to find them and how to structure the bets. It also includes an easy-to-read odds conversion table, odds-conversion calculator and an arbitrage stakes calculator


This set of spreadsheets enables ultra-efficient manual hunting of arbitrage opportunities Allows you to scan, record & analyze prices from multiple bookmakers in multiple events in multiple tournaments (requires manual input of price data)

Provides indicators which let you know when a particular event is approaching arbitrage status

Provides indicators which differentiate between mediocre opportunities and good opportunities

Provides instant 3-way conversion between UK, Euro & US-style odds

Provides a complete market overview of any tournament you analyse

ArbSurfer Professional

This browser has been developed specifically to address the needs of the Sports-Arbitrage Trader

ArbSurfer is a powerful browser which uses services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer to render and navigate websites. The software has many Advanced Browsing Capabilities which make it an ideal tool for the Sports-Arbitrage Trader.

ArbAlarm - 15-day trial (plus FREE SMS notification)

Our software delivers arbs to your desktop in REAL-TIME: This is the most effective arbitrage-location solution available.

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