Friday, Feb. 14, 2014

Get Rich With Online Poker Review

At first I was extremely reluctant why someone would pay $100 for an e-book. I certainly would have to think long and hard before I made that sort of investment. However, after reading it, I would pay up to $200 for it and I’m not exaggerating!

Like most e-books, get rich with online poker is predominately aimed at beginner players. But what makes this unique is that it has some advanced concepts, along with very basic concepts that even advanced players need reminding of once in a while.

So what do you get for your $100 investment?

A lot! It takes you to the very beginning of a poker career from how/where to deposit and how to take advantage of precious bonuses/rakeback in order to build up your career (bonus hopping as the book calls it) in an easy and straightforward step-by-step format. Now, this is so valuable and where many beginning players go wrong because they do not take advantage of the ‘perks’ that the site offers.

The proceeding chapters include:

  • Tips for winning at micro/small stakes
  • Bankroll Management: when to move up in stakes and when to withdraw
  • How to use PokerTracker3 and make sense of all the technicals
  • Table selection, where to sit and how many tables to play

What I enjoyed most about this chapter is a diagram such as this all the way down to include the above player tendencies in preflop/flop/turn/river (see below for example):


  • Examples of how to react to different play styles in micro/small limits including how to play against passive/aggressive/loose/tight/maniacs and other possible combinations (see below for example)


  • Mathematics, pot odds, implied odds, fold equity and how to calculate. Not overly complicated and great examples.
  • Player psychology: Getting inside the head of your opponent (regular, good player, bad player)
  • Using chat functions in order to tilt your opponent and showing your bluffs, when and how to do it! Now that’s something useful for a change!
  • Table image and how to exploit it
  • Figuring out your opponent’s hands: tons of practical examples with detailed analysis
  • The optimal poker player, diet, lifestyle and habits: Now this is truly unique information and has been overlooked by every book I have read thus far.

And much more!


The strategies only deal with NL cash.
There is a chapter on how to cheat properly.
The title is a bit deceiving as it is not easy to ‘get rich with online poker’ by starting out in micro/small stakes games.


This e-book is so good I am going to print out certain parts of it (such as the diagrams) and put them up on the wall and refer to them while I play! I’m really impressed with it as it is useful, easy to read and comprehensive. The price of $100 can be a bit too much for some but if you really intend to take poker (NL cash that is) seriously, I recommend that you forget about most other poker books and focus on this one instead.

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