Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013

Kill No Limit Package Review

First thoughts are that the Kill No Limit electronic book is comprehensive, consisting of 106 pages and very easy to read and follow. The chapters are broken down nicely into small paragraphs and many paragraphs have numbers.

First few chapters are what you would expect in most poker guides: bankroll management and pre fold starting hands, raising pre flop, playing draws and analysing stack sizes. Always useful, even for experienced players and should not be overlooked.

Next, the author emphasises playing a solid TAG (tight aggressive) style and how including continuation betting often and reading board textures correctly. Reading board textures in particular is one feature that is often overlooked by many poker guides and the advice is very much appreciated.

Next, how to play made hands on flop (such as sets, straights, flushes) and whether to play them fast or slow and when. This is good stuff since many inexperienced players tend to play big hands slowly and this chapter explains why that is usually a mistake.

Next, playing specific hands such as small pocket pairs, large pocket pairs and AK/AQ.

Ah ha, this is when it gets really interesting as the next chapter is on how to crush your opponents (or kill them lol). The author breaks down players into different styles including, Loose Passive (fish), TAGs, LAGS, Rocks. The biggest leaks of these styles and how to exploit them is explained in detail.

One example: Slow play and value bet lags. Tighten up and wait for good starting hands but don’t tighten up too much it becomes too obvious. 3-bet them with a wider range of hands.

The Beating Small Stakes Cash Games chapter consists of how to read hands, the 4 step formula and using/defending the ‘float system’. These concepts are most useful for experienced players.

What else do you get?

  • 3 Starting Hand Charts
  • 1 Poker Odds Chart
  • 2.5 Hours of Video of limits from 100nl to 600nl
  • 1 Bankroll tracking spreadsheet
  • Guide on how to use PokerStove


Annoying statements in big letters and bold on the website, like these: Discover the Cut-Throat Poker Tactics That Made Me $44,495.37CASH In a Single Month.

The videos are decent enough but three out of the five are full ring other than 6max and many players are only interested in 6max.


I would describe Kill No Limit as 1/3, the usual stuff and 2/3 very interesting and unique practical information. I really appreciate in particular the chapters about how to play against different styles and the 4 step formula on hand reading. The hand charts are good if you’re a beginner. I reckon this is great value for money…

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