Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013

Pokah Face Review


Pokah Face is an ebook that teaches you how to spot live poker tells, ie the strength of your opponent’s hand by their body language.

This is what the author (who has chosen to remain anonymous) has to say about his book:

You can play crappy cards, you can be loose, pretend you’re drunk – but by correctly applying the contents of this book, you will always know what your opponent has and will beat him every single time.

Pokah FaceThe author explains in detail how he has always had a fascination with human psychology and studied it for years at university and in his spare time. The result of his years of studies are in this e-book.

Quite a bold statement, so let’s say if the facts back it up…


My first impressions are that it’s comprehensive in nature and there are useful illustrations to back up the writing.

The body of text consists of identifying very specific of tells, including:

Hand tells:

The palms

The hand rub

The steeple

The gripping


Hands touching the face tells:

The mouth guard

Nose rub

Eye rub

Ears and neck

Finger sucker

Cheeks and palms – boredom

Evaluation and interest:

Chin stroke


Different types of arm crosses

Putting It All Together

The author goes into considerable detail of applying his techniques to real life, including entertaining examples of when he has used his techniques and most importantly, why.


Lastly, the author speaks about what clothing (and jewelry) to wear to stop giving away tells.


What I would have liked to have seen and was actually slightly disappointed that it was not there is information on online tells. Maybe the author is coming up with a sequel, who knows…

However, if you frequently play live games (or play online but would like to make the transition) then I highly recommend this ebook as it’s a good enough investment to be worth at least ten times its value in potential future earnings, if utilised properly. The price is reasonable at $47 (£30).

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