Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014

BetALay System

BetalayAs explained in the background section of this website, betalay is based upon the data analysis of all horse racing results going back over a decade; and purely because computers have no preconceptions, no prejudice and no emotions the system relies purely on FACTS.

This is a system which uses a mathematical formula and has been PROVEN to produce consistent profits.

You WON’T be relying on hunches, whispers, stable gossip - or any other unreliable sources of information.

You WON’T be relying on market moves, arbing or trading opportunities - you just place one bet on each selection (to lose).


The selection process is EASY, thanks to the internet the information needed is QUICK to access and FREE of charge.

Once you obtain betalay you will be able to select horses that WILL lose their race, and for your protection the selections NEVER exceed 8/1

It should take no longer than ONE minute to identify a qualifying selection in a race using betalay, and you choose whether you use the system on a full or part time basis - some of our users earn their living by operating the system every day, whereas others top up their earnings by using the system at the weekend.

If you choose to use the system on a daily basis you can expect to generate a tax-free profit of around £2000 per month using £25 stakes, alternatively, if you use the system on Saturdays and Sundays you should produce a tax-free profit of about £470 per month using £25 stakes. These profits have been consistently achieved for more than seven years and can be seen in much greater detail on the results section of this website.

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