Sunday, Jul. 20, 2014

Pro Betting Systems

Pro Betting SystemsI want to let you know about a fantastic new sports betting profits guide, PRO BETTING SYSTEMS, that is due to be released on the 4th of July. Malcolm Pett & Steve Ashley have pulled together 14 of the most well-known online betting industry’s authors and professional gamblers and ‘picked their brains’ to deliver what can only be described as the most unique collection of sports betting profit strategies and systems I have ever seen. In the Pro Betting Systems e-book, all 14 of these authors have each contributed (at least) one of their own personal betting systems having been asked the question… if you had to start all over again HOW would you do it?

14 different authors/systems, over 100 pages of insider information, I think you’ll agree that this type of publication has never been attempted before! Malcolm & Steve are launching this e-book on the 4th July, so I urge you to sign-up to the pre-launch list, so as to get a notification as soon as Pro Betting Systems goes live.

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The Contributor List is Impressive :

Matt Bisogno - respected author of Trainer Flat Stats & Trainer Track Stats, and also runs his hugely entertaining blog ‘Nag Nag Nag’.

Darren Power - is the Editor of the highly regarded ‘Betting School’ Insiders Report.

Clive Keeling - Editor of the ‘What Really Wins Money’ publication.

Jason Thompson - runs the well established ‘Zero Risk Arbitrage’ web site.

Dave Renham - has run the successful Punter Profits web site for several years, and his past CV includes being the man behind the Racing Post newspaper’s Spotlight Analysis.

Darren Hall - runs the great Bet72 web site which is all about risk free bets.

John Grainger - You’ll probably not have heard of John, but he has been sports betting for over 45 years and also runs the Luv2Lose web site. He has published over 60 books on soccer and has sold over 300,000 copies of his books. He is an author in his own right and has had published numerous sporting subjects such as cricket,
soccer and local history.

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Ross Turner - is the author of the well received Frontline Lay e-book which shows people how to lay race horses successfully. With experience in a wide variety of sports betting, Ross has made a living as a Pro gambler for the last 7 years. As well as horse racing, Ross has profited from football, boxing, tennis and golf.

Haydn Ellen - makes a full-time living from sports betting and has an active interest in sports publishing, running the Bet Or Trade web site. This combination allows him to not only make money betting on sports, but also provides him with the ideal opportunity to quickly source and test new ideas.

Patrick Ross - is a successful Betfair tennis trader and author of Race Your Profits System.

Thomas Baars - experienced ex-Futures Trader who has created the well regarded HiPro86 laying bot which gives him his full-time income.

John Anthony - runs the successful Sure2Profit web site where he sells his systems and software.

Malcolm Pett - writes “The Horse racing system daily Tip” newsletter ( that contains information and advice about horse racing (and other) systems and tipsters. He has also created some great automated software at Sporting Bots.

Steve Ashley - author of ‘Don’t Lose Your Shirt’ e-book and BetAid software, and also created the Bet-Pal betting bot with Malcolm.

Wow! - what a line-up - all in one e-book!

You’ve probably read some betting e-books before, and found they were 40 pages of ‘filler’, and just 10 pages of actual useful information. Well, Pro Betting Systems is over 100 pages of pure information, no filler. Just the most comprehensive and detailed betting approaches and strategies to make money from sports betting that you will ever see.

I recommend that you get on over to the pre-launch web site and sign up for notification when the PRO BETTING SYSTEMS e-book launches. There’s some pretty cool free bonuses available now for a limited time, so head on over to: