Sunday, Jul. 20, 2014

Bet Ex Profits

bet_ex_profitsThis strategy has been tested out by a many different people, including friends who know nothing about betting to associates in the horse racing world, including a professional gambler. Out of all the people that have tested Jason’s methods, not one has lost money, in fact they have all made a comfortable £500+ per week without much effort.

Part of the story

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before………………….

I started to put my idea into practice and the rewards were pleasing, but not as good as I new they could be. So I started to develop my plan a little more until I was making decent money from it.

By this stage I was very happy at what I was doing, as the weeks went by I started to discover new things that increased my profits even further. I was making around £400 per week through sports betting when it hit me!
If I was making this kind of money through sports betting, how much could I make if I applied my strategy to horse racing where there was a race every 10 minutes throughout the day?

I immediately started alter a few preferences with my plan and applied it to horse racing, and to my amazement it proved to work even better. I found a way to select the right horses and place the right bets without knowing anything about them. I didn’t have a clue who the trainer was, which jockey was riding or if the horse had ever won before, all that I new was that the information on the Betfair screen was enough to tell me what was likely to happen in the race, I then combined this with a staking plan and strategy that I had devised and everything fell into place.

What is included in Betting Exchange Profits?

The book is an in-depth guide to making a living using the same strategy as I do on Betfair.

I reveal the simple staking plan that generates over £1000 per week  clear profit.

My secret strategy that is combined with the staking plan to make the whole thing work together. I have devised this myself and you will not find it anywhere else! this is incredible.

Full explanation on how to profit from horse racing on a daily basis in just 1 hour!

Step by step instructions on how to imply my secret method of selecting the correct bets without studying form or following a system!

real examples of each horse race throughout the day with live screenshots so you can see exactly how it is done.

A detailed guide on how to profit from sports betting.

Which sports I use to make thousands of pounds per month.

A bonus section that shows you how to make life changing sums of money quite easily. You will be shocked how easy this can be!

A FREE £20 bet with Betfair when you open a new account - special code inside the book. (Use this Code for your free Bet = 4PM3KGQQA
A Couple of testimonials

Superb strategy, I had tried something similar in the past but it didn’t come
close to yours. I’m 2 weeks in and already £1670 up. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity!  Steve

Hi Jason, I am emailing you to thank you for the book. Best I have ever come across and your methods seem to be unstoppable. I have only started with very small stakes and am already £400 up. Your idea is very logical and effective, I just don’t know why I didn’t think of it. Anyhow, thanks again and all the best in the future.

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