Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014

Betting Profits Formula - Josh Jacobs

Betting Profits FormulaThe first thing you have to know is…

“If you want to make money betting
sports you must have a full formula…”

Not just a few tricks, but an easy to follow, step-by-step, bet-by-bet formula that minimizes your risk and maximizes your profit potential. Without it, you win a couple of bets, then lose a few more…And at the end of the day you’re down money…

Sometimes a lot of money.

To put it bluntly …

“Betting without a formula is not a gamble
it’s a donation…”

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A donations to wise punters who have a plan in place and are eager to pounce on your loose bets.

Look, I’m going to share some ugly truths and revelations that no one else has been willing to share with you before…

If you’re not making hundreds of pounds a week from sports, it’s time you realised… It’s not your fault!

So, whose fault is it?

Here’s the ugly truth…

Ugly Truth:

“Almost Every Guide You’ve Seen Before
Was Designed To Rob You Of Profits…”

That’s because it was produced by either…

…A marketer who sold you recycled rubbish from other faulty systems…

One rule marketers follow is: Suck cash from a particular market and quickly move on to the next one.

No marketer is willing to spend the kind of time necessary for developing a real betting guide… Testing the formulas and tweaking the strategies to make sure they deliver you what they promise…

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Not even close.

They just want to take what they can from you and move on. So, they recycle garbage, put a shiny wrapper on it, and sell it to you as the next great thing. That’s why you see so many ‘one-shot-wonder’ products out there.

…A bookie who doesn’t want you to win because it will cost him money…

Bookies have been watching their juicy market dry up like raisins ever since Betfair arrived on the scene a decade ago.

Some have responded by selling manuals that actually train you to walk right into their traps and hand them your money.

It’s dirty play, and the crusty old blokes have gotten away with it. But I can show you how to turn the tables.

…Or a tipster willing to show you a few tricks, but not his entire system for winning steady profits…

Some tipsters have good strategies to sell, but even if you collected all of them, you’d still only have one part of the formula.

Have you ever wondered why a select few punters make thousands of pounds every month, while you struggle to break even?

It’s because they know something you don’t. They know the rest of the formula. And they would love to keep it secret. Because the less people who know about it equals more easy money for them.

“But, I’m going to break code
and reveal the entire formula.”

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