Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014

Tennis Trading on Betfair

Betfair Tennis LeagueYou can trade in-play tennis on Betfair even if you’ve never watched a tennis match!

Yes, this is true. Following my simple explanations you can watch a tennis match and make nice profit without knowing who the players are, what their rankings are and you don’t even have to know the rules of the game! And heck - you don’t even need any experience in Betfair trading!

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I’ve created the Tennis Trading League System after long months of trading in-play tennis on Betfair but in fact it’s all quite simple and you don’t have to pack your head full of new terms, data and who knows what else. All the great things are simple and there’s no need for inventing the bicycle for the second time, is there?

With understanding the background of the levers that move the mechanism is enough to successfully implement the Tennis Trading League System.

Why everyone else is trading on horses, greyhounds, footie?

When I just started to trade on Betfair, the only sports I traded on were horse racing and soccer. And no wonder - those ARE the biggest sports and you’re most likely a supporter of Chelsea, or Man Utd., or Celtic. And when there’s an upcoming event in the nearest racecourse you already see yourself standin’ there and shoutin’ - C’mon Black Mary!…

That’s why tennis has been neglected and everyone’s attention is turned to more popular sports. Anyway - you don’t have to start to like this game because all that really matters is - being attentive to detail and getting rid of all the gambling spirit you might have. And the last thing is really important - and you want to know why?  Because…

…in a trading market where

you control the odds

there’s no need for gambling!

I’ve put together a manual which includes ALL the necessary knowledge that is needed to trade in-play tennis on Betfair and by gradually increasing your performance start earning serious second - and who knows - maybe main income -

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