Sunday, Jul. 20, 2014


Betting Exchange Trading Courses to help you learn from the experts.

Snooker Trading Made Simple
“Snooker Trading Made Simple” is a fully packed trading manual containing 6 successful snooker trading methods that anyone can apply. Snooker Trading Made Simple provides you with the exact methods Sammy Chim use to create green screens and profit opportunities on the snooker markets with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Attack The Betting Exchanges
Get 4 power packed ebooks in this excellent Betfair betting and trading package. You will get the Betfair Primer - Inside the mind of the professionals, attacking the betting exchanges, horse racing secrets, dynamic football betting, and dynamic golf betting!

Tennis Trading League
Patrick Ross ‘s manual includes ALL the necessary knowledge that is needed to trade in-play tennis on Betfair and by gradually increasing your performance start earning serious second - and who knows - maybe main income.

Racing Unlocked
What the system teaches you is how to place exact back and lay bets to increase your fortune on a daily basis. It has nothing to do with chasing losses. I am firmly against that.

The Tennis Trader
Tennis Trader is a comprehensive Tennis trading system designed for use on betfair containing trading methods and tennis betting strategies that will enable you to engineer and lock in profitable no risk situations regardless of the final result.

Racing Voodoo
People think that there is one way to win at betting, especially on Betfair… and the answer to that is betting at low odds. The Racing Voodoo System uses a special technique to extract more than you can imagine.

Cracking Betfair
Once you master this system, you can confidently come out there as a well-prepared, smart punter and easily tap in that source of “fresh” cash. That could possibly mean to transfer money directly from their Betfair accounts into yours.

The Trading Formula
By analyzing some simple information The Trading Formula will teach you everything you need to know in order to making massive daily profits trading on Betfair. This guide is basically a “Blueprint” of what you should be doing. This guide teaches you how to understand and apply the information which is given to you, in order to make massive profits every single day.

Easy Trader Pro
Betfair does present incredible opportunities to make serious tax-free cash, but only to those who do it right. From the day that Betfair opened, the clever punters knew trading was the real way to make money; and the real way to take advantage of Betfair. Also includes 30 mins of video.

Bet Ex Profits - Jason Chesters
This strategy has been tested out by a many different people, including friends who know nothing about betting to associates in the horse racing world, including a professional gambler. Out of all the people that have tested Jason’s methods, not one has lost money, in fact they have all made a comfortable £500+ per week without much effort.

Live Betfair Trading Course
The dynamics of betting exchanges, Money Management, How to identify when and how odds change, Finding the sweet spot in the market, Understanding when and how the market is volatile, Financial bets, Football betting, Horse racing, Tournament trading, Making mistakes!

Football Trading Manual
Trading on football matches is one of the most profitable and safest trades we can make for a number of reasons which are outlined in the manual. Football is a great trading game as you don’t ever have to wait for your money.

Betting Exchange Secrets
“Hey Jess-I just went through your manual and I’ve got one word for you FANTASTIC!! Everything is clearly laid out and well organized. I appreciate the thoughtfulness with which it was written and especially like the programs, which simplifies the math. I really feel that your product is good value for money.”

Raj Patel - The Racing Cash Machine
Raj Patel’s new betting exchange system, ‘The Racing Cash Machine, has just been launched and is focused on making profits on Betfair’s “betting in running” horse racing markets. That is to say it’s a method of using betting exchanges to back horses whilst the race is in progress.

The site promises to introduce a sure win system for lay betting on Betfair. A description of the system is given on the site and subscriptions will be taken from serious punters who want to make winning a daily habit. This system is based on experience and many years of refinement.