Thursday, Sep. 4, 2014

In Play Profits

in_play_profitsBrand new In Play Profits. Learn the secrets of trading profitably on Betfar. This system will teach you step by step with a set of rules showing you How to trade profitable on the British Horse races whilst in play!

Trading on Betfair

How to back and lay like a pro. All the steps you need to follow and the weight of the money explained. An extra trading guide such as this could well sell for an extra £69! You will be taught the ins and outs of prices and the money going in and out!

Betting exchanges and the Odds

How are the odds compiled? Who complies them. What are the various betting exchanges? Which is the best around? A full explanation of all of this as well as a FREE £20 sign up code for Betfair!

Secrets every Gambler should know

The deep fundamental rules that EVERY GAMBLER should know!! These SECRETS revealed to you in this guide!

Betting Bots!

Highly important for trading. I show you where to find them and discuss which are the best and which YOU should use. I show you how to get a FREE bot to use for this system!

The In Play Trader System

I teach you how to make consistent profits on the British Horse Races while theyre in running. Every single race you trade on could give you an extra £10, £20 or MUCH more. It depends on what YOU stake. I show you how to build up a small bank of just £25 over time into RICHES! START MAKING MONEY TODAY!
“Could I Lose Money”

No system on earth can guarantee 100% that you will win money. REMEMBER - YOU ONLY NEED A BANK OF £25!!!! I can’t see anybody use this system without making some profit. It’s too OBVIOUS to make money than to lose if you decide to purchase it. It’s like they always say. Dont bet what you can’t afford to lose!

“Why on earth would you sell such a brilliant secret”

Well, the system is extremely effective and profitable for myself. It’s profitable for anybody using it, so I make a small additional income from teaching everyone how to use it. The liquidity is low but the few LIMITED people who I sell my system to, will not change the effectiveness.

“What is the average Back and Lay Price”

Well in the system the prices vary, Potential profit is so big because the difference between the back and lay price is such a big gap. Sometimes even as big as 3.0! Incredible if you think most trading guides aim for just a few ticks.

“Will this work if i’m from the Europe, Canada or Australia”

You can use this system from any country in the world. You just need to have a working internet connection and a guide to what time the British horse races are. They run from 2pm to about 9pm virtually every single day of the year!!

“I have spent £1000′s on useless systems and they never work, why will yours?”

This system has been tried and tested. You will be taught exactly when to place your bets. The events are impossible not to spot and there is NOTHING anyone can do to stop people making money this way.

“Do I have to be an expert at racing or trading to use this system?

Not at all! You dont really need to know anything about horse racing to use this system. I explain everything from a layman’s point of view. It is all taught to you step by step!

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