Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

Tennis Trading League Review

This system has already received plenty of positive feedback in various sources, including here at LTO.

Of course, if you are a sensible trader, you will want to try it out yourself. And this is precisely what I will be doing over the coming weeks.

Tennis Trading LeagueThe manual is not very long but perhaps this is an advantage, particularly as complicated systems are not necessarily better than simple ones.

Three systems are presented: Race Your Profits, Champ Winnings and Tennis Scalper.

One of the sales pitches on the Tennis Trading League site is that you do not need any tennis knowledge to make the system work. But sensibly the manual begins by explaining the basic rules of tennis. Tennis fans might scoff at this, but if you are told that break points are crucial and you do not actually know what a break point is then clearly you will have a problem! Having played tennis at a high level (if you consider that of the local tennis club second team), I skipped over this quickly.

But the real meat and drink begins about 3 or 4 pages, where the first examples of using the system are outlined.

You will not be surprised to learn that the system is based on playing on fluctuations on the market: After all, that’s what trading is all about.

What makes tennis potentially particularly profitable is that fact matches are prone to far greater short-term fluctuations than in many other sports. In football this usually only happens when a goal is scored or to a lesser extent when a player sent off. In tennis, just a few points one way or another can make a big difference to the price. In tie breaks especially, markets are prone to massive fluctuations. Therefore a system that successfully trades on these by maximising profits and minimising potential losses would have a lot going for it. And this precisely what this system addresses.

It’s worth pointing out quickly that smoother variation in price, as seen in football, can also be an advantage, its just that due to the very different price fluctuations in tennis, a different technique needs to be applied to trade successfully.

So this is why I am most interested to examine this system in depth to find out just what it has to offer. In future articles I will look at the application of the system using Bet Angel and recording the results of my trades.

I am not going to pre-judge these systems but at the end of this process I will be able to tell you whether I think this system can deliver real profits for your trading!

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