Friday, Nov. 15, 2013

Dutching Diamond

Devised by Peter Blake and proofed by monitoring over 400 bets prior to being launched Dutching Diamond aims to achieve a fixed profit from every race it plays in.

Dutching Diamond Peter BlakeDutching on horses is a form of betting that involves 2 or more selections, with a view to making a profit, as long as either of the chosen horses wins the race. Dutching Diamond pinpoints several statistically strong and profitable betting opportunities each week, throughout the entire year, covering jumps, turf flat and all weather racing. All carefully, but easily found qualifying races and a maximum of 3 horses in any given race, show a highly consistent strike rate of around the 70% mark for 1 of the selections winning.

Dutching Diamond is not designed as a get rich quick scheme, but rather a steady secondary income, and comes complete with a proven and effective staking plan to maximise the profits and protect your bank.

Statistical Analysis

Method Results 3/3/09 to 30/11/09 = 273 days

All Qualifying Races = 663

Total Winning Races = 465

Strike Rate = 70.13%

The Dutching Diamond method includes a 3 month tipping advice line on which all the qualifying races and selections can be accessed each day from 11.30AM onwards.