Friday, Sep. 20, 2013

Betfair Conspiracy

Written by a UK Professional Punter, Ian Russell, Betfair Conspiracy is the latest “Wonder Product” to come to market. Well is it just another hyped up scam or can it actually deliver on the promises it makes in the sales patter on the promotional sales page?

After reading through the straightforward and easy to follow rules I decided to implement them on a typical days racing. It took me approximately 30 minutes to review the four meetings and the method came up with two selections. Betfair Conspiracy is a place backing method and the two selections resulted in a Winner and a Second Place, so both bets came in and produced a good profit. I realise that this is only a small sample but the “feel” of the rules have a sound basis and I intend to continue to monitor the selections and results with a view to adding the method to my own betting portfolio.

Betfair Conspiracy has been designed to get you profiting from Betfair with minimal effort and using a bank as small as £50.00. The losing runs are very short and so your bank will be growing in no time at all. The method rules are simple to follow but just in case you have a query there is a quick response Customer Support in place.

If you are willing to spend less than an hour a day to work through the rules and find the selections you might well have a lot of fun and make some money with Betfair Conspiracy.