Friday, Sep. 20, 2013

Follow the Fortune

This brand new method was devised by Roger Purssord who had previously published the highly acclaimed Cambridge Target System, and it was the data he accumulated whilst researching that method which gave him the idea for Follow the Fortune.

Roger tested the new method for the next 11 months to prove that it worked with “real-time” betting and then carried out a live trial with a private members betting club.

Follow the Fortune looks at particular races and examines the first and second favourites with a view to backing or laying them. Both aspects of the system are profitable, you can just use the lay bets only, the back bets on their own, or a combination of both. The system requires you to place the bets just before the off and a web page is available which will give the last minute instructions of the bets Roger will actually be placing himself.

During the testing period when Roger was placing real bets he averaged a profit of over 60 points each month. There was a losing month……………………..Jan 2010 which coincided with the terrible weather and resultant inconsistent form, but the month of February comfortably absorbed all January losses and produced excellent profits of 77 points in the first 16 days.

There are several options for joining Follow the Fortune including obtaining the system as a hard copy with one month’s online betting support, subscribing on a monthly basis and even the opportunity for a bot to be arranged where Roger will send the bets direct to your computer.