Friday, Feb. 14, 2014

The Protege System

the Protege SystemTony Gibson, the author of The Protege System, has reacted to some users concerns over there being too many bets. In response he has modified the system to be far more selective. These modifications are very simple and drastically reduce the number of bets. Not only are the bets reduced but the average profit for each bet is increased by 274%.

“Like most good flat racing systems the most profitable period is from the start of June until the end of the season. Using the original system rules would have made you a tidy 849 points in this period. Some users of the system are finding too many selections to be totally comfortable using this method so I have made some simple changes and created the Selective Protege Method“.

This modification cuts down on the number of bets placed daily dramatically. You would place over 900 bets LESS than using the normal rules yet your profit (based on last seasons results ) would have been over 500 points from just 252 bets” Tony Gibson

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