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Search through a number of sites giving details of all sorts of systems, including aspects of the draw, backing multiple horses in a race, staking systems, betting particular trainers at certain courses and what aspects to look for when developing your own betting systems.

Racing Stock Market
How would you feel if I could present to you, a system which could make you on average £10 to £12 a race for a very very small stake? Total that up after doing the same thing on 10 races or more a day, and you’ve got yourself over an extra £100… using a Betfair loophole.

The Racing Secret
The racing secret is one of the most revolutionary racing systems on the market. The system uses a special piece of software which enables the user to know which horses to back or lay based on certain calculations. The question is… can you afford to miss out on gaining access to the best kept secret in horse racing?

The Cherry Picker
In this package you will get The Cherry Picker System and software to help place your bets. Over 20 years of form book research has finally been revealed after almost 4 years of further testing.

The Fancy Fillies System
At last, a horse racing lay system that works consistently. With one-a-day bet on the betting exchanges, the Fancy Fillies System constantly brings in profit, week after week! It’s a cracker! For only 15 minutes daily research on the betting exchange, you can make at least £14,000 profit p.a. (more if you want)….?

The FFF Plan
The FFF Plan is based on the statistics taken over 15 years for the UK and Irish races only.  Though they do not use races from other countries around the world, because they do not have the statistics for those, the system can be operated from any country using the UK and Irish races providing the results for these are available quickly and easily.

Betting Virtuoso
It can be applied to each and every kind of sports… and any betting bookie. It’s consistent. And it’s reliable. It can be thoroughly tested and practiced without having to risk any of your real money. Can be used anywhere, anytime because the Online Bookies are always open. Surprisingly simple. It only takes at most 15 minutes for the average punters to understand and apply. FREE life-time updates.

Bookmaker Nightmare - Race Betting System
A truly different unique Horse Racing Betting System. A step by step method that enables you to decipher online Live data.

The Legacy Saver System
Introduced 40-years ago by successful gambling millionaire Stan Hibbert, The Legacy is the easiest way for novice and expert punter alike to consistently capture the winners. Updated for today’s horse racing and with a proven industry leading strike rate between 40% & 50% - sometimes even higher - The Legacy’s strength lies in its disarming simplicity of use, with a selection procedure that can be measured in minutes.

Bet Synergy - Jack Pedder
The Bet Synergy betting method uses 3 simple economic principles to find the great bets. It is incredibly simple, like most great ideas, but it is an incredibly powerful betting technique. It took me less than 10 minutes to explain the method to my nine year old son!

The Greatest Gambling Package Ever
No more useless Betfair Systems, that leave you wishing you had a MENSA membership. Arm yourself with the latest gambling information, end your years of frustration and empty pockets by finally mastering the art of the exchanges. With the greatest gambling package ever, a selection of the best betfair, horse-racing, poker, exchange trading, texas hold’em and blackjack products avaliable, you can finally suceed with your betting.

Online Sports Arbitrage Betting
Online Sports Betting Strategy And Internet Sports Gambling Software. Arbitrage Betting & Betting Exchange Pro’s.

Horse Betting Systems
Reviews and ratings of UK horse racing tipsters and bettings systems and advice.

The Easy to use Lay Betting System
Lay betting is all the rage and with this system you can not lose. By Malcolm Pett

Winners Lay Losers
New way to consistently make money by picking sporting losers.

Roy Cuddihy’s Stake Calculator 3.0
The Stake Calculator 3.0 is the amazing betting software developed by Roy Cuddihy that makes earnings up to $150,000 possible!

The Ultimate Betting Guide
Many of the tops betting systems have been reviewed and tested in this excellent money making guide!

27 Horse Racing Systems
Why some people almost always make money betting on the Horses and HOW you can too by just following the simple techniques revealed here! 27 Systems for Sale!

Saturday Horse Racing System
How I turned $1,000 into $5,000 by betting on British horse racing on Saturday afternoons.

Horse Racing Betting System
I’ve just finished reading the latest version of Mohammed Ali’s top-selling horse betting system, “How to ‘Place Bet’ on Favorites for a Living”, and frankly, I’m overwhelmed by the quality of critical horse betting strategies he’s managed to pack into this fantastic book.

Value Horse Method
An innovative and profitable method to generate consistent profits from horse racing through strategic betting on value priced horses on betting exchanges.

My Mathematical Formula
This Formula will show you EXACTLY how meager odds of even (2-1 on) can be turned into 100′s-1 with £1.£2 or £3 stakes betting in the place markets on betfair or through the tote.

Don’t Lose Your Shirt
Horse Racing and Football betting system that focuses on achieving low risk profits. A number of different betting strategies are explained, with examples of how each can add profits to your betting bank over a period of time.

Turner’s Winners Galore
Turners Winners Galore is a horse racing system that guarantees you a winner every single day. It is actually a formula, that when applied correctly reveals a number of quality selections that have an outstanding chance of winning.

27 Horse Racing Systems (ebook)
A collection of some of the most popular and profitable horse racing systems compiled into one easy to use ebook.

Betting Systems - Great Gambling Systems
Gambling Systems And Strategy Tips For Online Sports Betting, Internet Horse Racing & Casino. New Arbitrage Betting Software.

Saturday Horse Racing System
Discover how 1 punter turned $1,000 into $5,000 by betting on UK horse racing on Saturday afternoons.

Bet-Science is a work of art. We have personally purchased this ebook and definitely were not disappointed. Explores profitable betting from every angle, complete with detailed calculations and an excellent spreadsheet. Very Highly Recommended.

Winning Systems
A collection of over 40 systems that can be used for horse racing, football and arbitrage betting. Comes in the form of a downloadable ebook. We have seen this product and it is actually very good - it is definitely worth looking at.

Download the free horse racing system ebook. It is a quality publication demonstrating how to turn a profit from the selections it generates. The system itself is free, but there is also a member tips service you can join as well.
Racing2profit provides a genuine service to punters looking for tipsters and systems that have been tested and found successful. Also includes Free tips, Lottery Syndicate, Football and Financial tips.

Flatstats is a big website with millions of stats, and hundreds of systems for horse racing.

Banned Systems
A collection of horse racing, greyhound, casino and football betting systems.

MD Professional Sports Betting
Aims to find new ideas to generate income from horse racing and football. Systems on offer include “Trainers To Trust” and “The Principal Racing System”.

Horse Betting System
Site dedicated to the testing and monitoring of horse racing systems created by Del Burgess. Del first came to light with the success of his 5/4 system. He’ll be recording the performance of his latest systems on his message forum.

Handicapping Betting Methods
A horse racing system developed to win big on exactas, trifectas, pick six, etc. A well thought out betting system that certainly has alot of merit.

Cash Generator Plus
Horse racing system, based on statistical research about which horses win certain races and the fact you increase the chances of winning in these races by backing two or three horses in a race.

Galloping Major Racing Systems
Learn how to become a Racing Specialist, Horse Racing Information Systems eBook.

Favourite Backer
Free racing systems ebook teaches you how to back winning horses time and time again.

Golden Star horse racing system
Offers a simple horse racing system guiding you to recognise signals of inside information and follow them to profit. Also provides free daily horse laying tips.

Winning Factor
Horse racing systems, methods, hints, tips and betting information.

BetWealth Horse Racing Betting System
Provides a “Secret System” that bookmakers DON’T want you to know about, as well as a number of other betting systems and articles.

By A Distance
A series of books covering the fortunes of favourites in non-handicap flat races over the last 16 years. There will be a separate book for each racecourse in the UK.