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Laying - Be The Bookmaker & Lay An Overround Book

Arbcruncher TutorialsLaying Example 1

This example shows you how to lay an overround book of 103.48% for a level guaranteed profit, whatever the outcome. The example assumes that there are no liquidity constraints, so you decide that you want to spend £500 creating your book.

Your Total Liability represents your largest liability in the market, and is not the sum of all the exposures. Multilay automatically works out which is the largest liability and calculates the other stakes accordingly.

In this example, you will win £22.01 if all of your bets are matched. Please note that Multilay does not currently support laying across different betting exchanges (“inter-exchange laying”), hence the “n.a.” for the commission settings for each individual selection.


Laying Example 2

This example shows an overround of 101.2% on the Lay side that occured during a tennis match between Agassi and Blake. Whenever the book percentage on the Lay side exceeds 100%, a guaranteed profit is available for the quick-witted and nimble-fingered.

In this example, £1,000 was available to lay Agassi, whereas £10,000 was available to lay Blake. You want to lay all of that money for Agassi and need to find out from Arb Cruncher how much to lay Blake in order to guarantee a level profit. Multilay instructs you to lay Blake for £1,449.10 to guarantee an immediate all-green book of £27.64 on both players.


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