Monday, Aug. 25, 2014

Football Trading System

I have been looking at the Football Trading System (ftsincome) from the well respected Ian Erskine this week. Ian has been using his system for the last 6 years now and has built on its’ success by carving out a couple of niche systems to be used in tandem with the main system.

Football Trading SystemWhen you buy this you are not so much buying a system as buying into a new way of life. You get so much more than a system. Basically you become part of the FTS team, with daily e-mails letting you know the games Ian is trading on, of course you can use the systems to pick out your own trades. You will use the FTS website to gain access to the daily blog, which not only highlights football systems but also horse racing and other sports.

Ian has just started up the Guide to Buying Gambling Systems and Avoiding the rubbish. Scam merchants are named and shamed. This is updated every month and keeps you aware of what to watch out for. On the site you will find a number of products that Ian recommends and others you should not touch with a bargepole.

The 3 systems that Ian runs are his main FTS system, the 15 minute system and System3. This last one is not open at the moment as it is very price sensitive and numbers have to be restricted. The other 2 though are very popular. His main system has been generating profits in the region of £200k for each of the last 5 seasons and the 15 minute system has pulled in £20k for the last 3 seasons.

Ian also runs a mentor and elite group, a happy band being fully trained into the Trading world and gaining special insider knowledge from Ian himself, on the art of trading. In time you may well be asked if you would like to become part of this team.

When you go over to the Sales page you may find that it is not the best in the world but as Ian himself says, he is a not a salesman but he is a trader. There is also a Gambling Rules e-book you get with the system but what you are really buying is the ability to learn how to use the system for you to make your own profits from football. The concept is all explained in great detail and his own selections are gleaned from a database of over 10,000 matches. They cover games at home and abroad because it doesn’t really matter which 2 teams are playing, there is always the possibility of a trade.

You also get a lifetime of updates, so if at any time Ian has to tweak his systems then you will get the updated version for free. Ian has a 95% success rate on the selections he sends to you and is very happy for you to join in his success. It is not just a system it is a way of life that will transform your football betting for the better.

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