Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

The BOSS - Betting On Soccer Strategy Review

Some years ago in my Football emporium I used a piece of software known as The BOSS (Betting On Soccer Strategy). It helped frame my bets on one particular football market and very successful it was too. Since arriving at LTO I have been asked to do a review on this same piece of software. We are now actually onto Version 3 and I have been putting it through its’ paces this week.

The BOSS (http://www.betting-on-soccer-strategy.co.uk)

The BOSS is a piece of footballing software that is very easy to install and very simple to use but is a very powerful and very potent weapon in our profit building armoury. The cost is £49.

On its’ website it says that the BOSS “provides a sound strategy to win and profit more often” and it does this by putting “the odds firmly in your favour“. So how does it do this and what is the BOSS all about?

The BOSS limits itself to dealing with one particular market in the myriad of markets there are in football these days. By doing that it gives you the opportunity of becoming an expert in that very lucrative area. The software lends itself very well to be used in conjunction with betting exchanges (Betfair) thereby capitalising on the enhanced odds available and helping your profit margins.

Main Features

  1. Comprehensive betting strategy
  2. Structures bets with a built in hedging facility
  3. The software deals with all the maths
  4. You though, are firmly in control
  5. User definable staking
  6. Set a total stake or profit target
  7. Able to save and record all your bets

When you receive the software you are asked to e-mail back with a couple of codes that are on the order and then the author sends you an activation code that starts the software. Once this has been done the first time you are then able to access the software and on all future occasions you just need to click on the BOSS icon on your desktop. Very simple, very straightforward.

Once inside the program there is a help button which takes you into:-

  • Introduction - which introduces you to the “strategy”
  • BOSS Interface - explains the interface in easily understood language
  • Selecting matches - details one strategy for identifying matches
  • Bookmakers - a note on availability of bookmakers
  • Profit Target - gives an example of how to set up a profit target
  • Total Stake - shows how you set a total stake
  • Conclusion - shows the versatility available

Believe me, it will take you about 15 minutes to go through the whole procedure and be fully operational. Of course, this does not mean that you may not want to paper trade first because I always feel that is the best way to learn a system, method or a piece of software. At least you are not losing money whilst you iron out any learning curves.

If you are looking for software that tells you which team to back or lay, then this is not for you. If you are looking for something that gives you 100% winners, you are looking in the wrong place——by the way, that place doesn’t exist. However, if you want a solid performer with high strike rates and good return on investment to add to your portfolio, this is perfect.

It is quick, it is simple. OK it doesn’t identify the matches you should be betting on but it does give you a method of finding those matches which is simplicity itself.

So what does it do? Well once you have found a match you are interested in you enter the match details on the front page and then move onto the interface. Here you are asked to enter a few details such as whether you want a fixed stake or a fixed profit, whether you are working in decimal odds or fractional odds, if you want to use default or manual settings. Each one of these is just one mouse click.

Once all the details are inputted you just press the calculator button which automatically frames the number of bets you have covered. It tells you exactly how much to place on each bet at the odds you have specified to return the fixed profit you requested or it splits your total stake down to the bets covered, telling you how much to put on each.

Maybe I am making it sound more complicated than it actually is. Truly, it is simple. I am a relative novice on the computer but I found it so easy.

You are covering more than one outcome on this market but at the odds you are betting at, all your positions are covered as long as the match finishes within your set boundaries. The number of options you cover is up to you. To start with I would advise you cover as many as possible whilst still making a profit. As you get more experienced and more confident with the system then you can take more of a risk and reap more of a reward. It is entirely up to you. You are in charge. The software is very versatile, very flexible and very stable.

This is a strategic betting system that does away with any long losing runs. Whilst using an earlier version a few years ago my Strike Rate was around the 77% mark and my overall ROI 28%, which I can tell you is very, very good in the football market.

Now on their website they show an example of 14/14 winning bets and say that this is in no way unusual. To test that theory this week I used all 8 Champions League games for Wednesday night. Now when you get the software you will see that there are default buttons or a manual button, that help structure your bet.

Depending on your depth of knowledge of football you may want to use the default buttons which will automatically set a scenario of bets for you but personally I used the manual button, where you can set your own parameters (you do have the option of mixing default and manual buttons). Although I used the manual button, I set the exact same scenario for each of the 8 matches.

I have to admit that I was fairly conservative when I set the parameters (I suppose you have to be when setting the same parameter for 8 games) but for that 14/14 you can now read 8/8 on one night. All 8 came in within the parameters set, producing an overall ROI of 40.5%. Whilst this can in no way reflect its’ long term capability, I think it does show that the claims made can certainly be achieved.

Although it is a simple process there are so many things you can do with this software:-

  1. If you have a set stake for each game, it splits that stake up to give you equal profits from all selections or if you want you can have different profit levels for each selection.
  2. You can identify a profit you require for each selection and it will tell you what stake to put on each, to gain that profit.
  3. You can even play about with it until you get a required ROI for the overall bet.

It really is a very versatile piece of software that enhances your betting experience.

So what is the downside? Well, you have to cover a number of bets to get into a comfortable win position. This means that the overall odds you are betting at are generally below evens for each particular match. The actual match selection is not done for you, you have to do that yourself. On the other hand, it can be used on virtually any match at all, it’s just that it does work better on a certain type of match. Of course there are losing bets but these are inevitable with any system and you will find that there are much fewer losing bets with this system than most others.

The other main gripe is that there is no mention of bank points required to safeguard the bank. Nor is there a staking policy to reconcile required return and the risk taken. To this end I will shortly write a Staking/Banking policy for readers of LTO that can be used in conjunction with this otherwise very worthwhile piece of software.

When I got in touch with Ken, the author of the software, I found him to be very courteous, helpful and very prompt. The Company seem to have complete faith in their product and I for one can testify to its’ powerful performance and profitability, an illiteration of P’s, I know—just suffice to say, it is good!

BOSS will benefit anyone who:-

  • wants a solid football performer
  • has little time to study stats
  • wants a quick and simple system
  • wants to grow bank quickly
  • doesn’t want to deal with maths

BOSS will not suit anyone who:-

  • needs the actual matches identifying
  • can’t stand an occasional losing bet

All in all then, I have found BOSS to be an excellent addition to any portfolio. I know it has performed in the past for me and now I have been re-aquainted with the new version, I fully intend to put it back in my napsack and use on a regular basis.

Click Here To Get hold of a copy of The BOSS software,

Kevin from http://www.laytheodds.com