Friday, Feb. 14, 2014

Biggest low/middle Limit SHARKS in Betfair Poker!

Not sure why it only occurred today to publish a Betfair Poker shark list but it makes sense. So, if you’re smart enough, you avoid these sharks at all costs!

As you can see from their stats, they tend to be generally quite aggressive and usually TAGS (tight aggressive) and LAGS (loose aggressive). The sample is a minimum of 500 hands and frankly some of these ‘sharks’ are really ‘fish’ and should not be in there and have probably won due to short term variance/luck. I will keep building up my database and post an update in a few months time.

The limits are pretty much the same as fish list so it’s 2/5 limit up to 10/20 limit and 10/20c nl up to 1/2 nl. The regulars are marked in red and not surprisingly, most of them are still around (unlike the Betfair Poker fish list).





nl sharks1

nl sharks2

nl sharks3

nl sharks4

nl sharks5