Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013

Biggest low/middle Limit FISHES in Betfair Poker!

Now, I know this is slightly controversial but i’m not one to shy away….

I have filtered out players with at least 500 hands and the biggest losing results in terms of big bets per 100 hands and this is the list I came up with.  Note that this database goes back about 6 months and a lot of these fish are no longer with us :( . I have marked in red the ones that still make regular donations in limit. So by all means add them to your ‘player find list’ and thank me later. The NL database is up to date - 10/20c up to 50c/1. Make sure to have a look at the new SHARK list as well!


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limit fish1

limit fish2

limit fish3

NL: Note how Eironas and Papoutsias are on the top losers in my database and ironic how they had to resort to colluding as seen in this article.

nl fish1

nl fish2

nl fish 3