Monday, Oct. 20, 2014

Tennis Trading

Betfair Tennis LeagueIt appears that in-play tennis market has been underestimated. I will list the main advantages of trading on this sport on Betfair. Firstly - the odds never go the wrong way after a point has been scored. Secondly - the trading risk level has been minimized to a tiny 1%. And thirdly - the profit potential is very good!

Patrick Ross – a full time Betfair in-play tennis trader – has spent the last 10 months analyzing the tennis market and after he realized the advantages of it – he’s never looked back to trading horses or football.

The most interesting thing is that tennis has been actually neglected by the traders and the majority trade on horses, football and greyhounds. However, having followed the first tennis match and the corresponding odds fluctuations on Betfair Patrick got it straight away – there’s a big potential in there.

After a few months spent on trading in-play tennis the basic trading methods and powerful strategies got refined and you can find it all compiled in the Tennis Trading League System. So let’s get to the matter and see what’s in the system.

The system includes full analysis of all points’ impact on the odds fluctuations, gives you just enough tennis theory to successfully start trading and explains everything about choosing the right tennis matches to trade on. Even if you’ve never watched a tennis match before in your life you’ll be able to trade on in-play tennis without knowing a thing about the players’ rankings and court surface types.

The basic concept of the system is simple yet powerful – you have to place bets on particular points scored by the players and as the odds move accordingly you close the trade with profit. You also have to follow the match on TV to be ready to place a bet as the point is scored. The power of the Tennis Trading League System resides within the fact that by trading on the selected points you will make at least 5% of the stake per trade – sometimes as much as 25%.

Of course, you could try doing it without buying this in-play tennis trading system at all – but then you’d have to spend countless hours watching tennis and analyzing the odds before understanding which points trigger the odds fluctuations with the biggest probability and amplitude.

Following the Tennis Trading League System you can make around 50 – 80% of the stake per tennis match. When you gain more experience and start using the additional strategies described in the Tennis Trading League System – the profit prospects increase as there’ll be times when you make even 150% of the stake in a match.

The thing that I like most about in-play tennis trading is that you have to try really hard to incur any loss. Even by placing bets haphazardly you’d lose only 1 – 4% of the stake per trade. When following Patrick’s advice – the risk is virtually non-existent.

The points you’ll be trading on always trigger price movement and the only skills you have to improve over time involve technical aspects of trading and following tennis matches on TV.

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