Sunday, Jul. 20, 2014

New Betfair Account Free Bets

Open A Betfair AccountIf you haven’t yet opened a Betfair account, I will now run through the steps to open your account and receive your Refer and Earn free £20 bet.

Betfair is the biggest betting exchange around. They have a huge range of betting markets and users so there is never a problem of getting your bets matched. No only that but Betfair will give new account holders £20 free plus a bonus payment after three months of an amount which depends on your betting activity over those first three months.

See the terms and conditions when opening your Betfair account


You must enter a code (which is below) when opening your account in order to be eligible for the free £20 and bonus. Unless you enter the code correctly (or open your account without the code, you wont get your freebies.

1) To open your Betfair account:

2) Go to

Click the “Join now” link at the top of the page

Betfair Join Now

3) Enter your details in to the Pop-Up screen

4) Enter the code 4PM3KGQQA in to the Refer and Earn box (See screen shot below) and click “next” to continue with the account opening process.

Betfair Code

Remember, you MUST enter the Refer and Earn code in full and correctly.
If you do successfully open your Betfair account using the above code, then Betfair will:

Credit your account with £20 after you have placed bets of a sufficient amount to earn 50 Betfair points*
Credit your account with a further bonus after three months based on your betting activity over that time*

*Please refer to the Betfair terms and conditions when opening your account, or afterwards log-in to your account and click the refer and earn link.