Friday, Feb. 28, 2014

Texas Hold’em The Poker Trade

Poker is becoming increasingly popular and hundreds of sites are out there offering on-line tournaments and advice on how to win. Personally I don’t think you can beat the real thing, face to face with your opponents.

Betfair Exchange PokerBetfair games though offer the alternative. You can watch a game of poker from a birds eye view and see all the four hands against the pre-flop/river etc. It couldn’t be simpler really and I feel that this tutorial will be a short one as a consequence!

We start with the usual 3/1 chance (25%) about any of the four hands winning in the first round. In the second round we are dealt the four hands with two cards each. The odds then reflect the likely hood of those cards winning. We then move on to the pre-flop, the flop, the turn and finally the river with opportunities to bet at each deal of the cards.

One thing that’s worth noting here is that if for example the hole cards (a players two cards) are of the same suit and the pre flop throws up the same we have a flush and the game is over. There is no room for bluffing here!

I can’t offer any strategies at this point as it is something I am still working on. When I do come up with something though it will be based upon looking out for value within the game i.e looking for odds that are higher than the true chance of the hand winning.

If you love poker and understand how the game works then Betfair Exchange Poker is definatly worth looking at.

I will be back over the weekend on how to establish value within various games and help you to profit in the long run.