Monday, Feb. 17, 2014

Bet Angel Professional

Betting Exchange BotsBet Angel Professional is the leading trading platform for betting Exchanges. If you are really serious about getting the best from these markets and are looking to give yourself the best chance of making money, Bet Angel professional delivers. It allows you to maximise to the fullest extent possible the massive potential in these exciting markets.

Bet Angel professional has been designed to be a very versatile product. It includes many features specifically designed to aid you in different markets with strategies appropriate to each market and your specific trading or betting style. It is also very user definable, meaning that you can not only use the best possible trading and betting tools; but also tweak them to create your own unique position. This will help you maintain that critical edge in the market.

Whether you are looking to scalp the market, catch larger trading swings, take speculative positions, be the bookmaker, dutch the market, create your own strategies and templates in Microsoft Excel or maybe even build a fully automated trading bot; Bet Angel can deliver the tools for all your needs.

Bet Angel Professional is also a dynamic product. With in house support and design team working closely with Betfair’s top traders, Optic are constantly developing the product and have an exciting roadmap lined up. Existing Bet Angel users will be able to benefit from all pre-release functionality before the official launch. This will give existing subscribers the chance to use new features ahead of the general market knowing about them. All subscribers to Bet Angel Professional get over 3.5 hours of video tuition via the our video help option.

Bet Angel professional is used by many top Betfair traders to aid their market activity. Make sure you maintain that critical edge in the market. Make things happen, use the right tools, use Bet Angel Professional.

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