Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015


Bet-IeThe developers of Bet-IE have just announced a number of exciting new features and enhancements that have been added to the already popular Bet-IE betting exchange trading software. Bet-IE is an easy to use tool to be used in conjunction with the Betfair Betting Exchange for accurately calculating then submitting odds and stakes instantly to achieve required targets but all under your total control. It does not require the Betfair API interface to load the live markets which means that Bet-IE is free of third party costs and overheads.

Recently they upgraded the Lay All feature to now be able to enter a Maximum Liability for multiple runners. So if in a race you wanted to lay 3 horses and wanted to Lay them all to lose a maximum of £50 you now just highlight them and press the Lay button and all the staking is worked out from the “live” refreshed odds that quick and simple.

Also they have added an option to enter individual liabilities for multiple runners. So if you wanted to Lay horse A for a £25 liability and horse B for £10 liability and horse C for £50 liability you now just enter the individual Lay liabilities in the green boxes showing on the interface and press the Lay button all the staking is worked out and is updated from the current “live”market.

They also identified the Trading function as rather weak compared to the rest of the software so they have now fully upgraded this function to enable it to “tick”trade it is simplicity to use just set a staking level and point and click at the odds required to make the bets that quick and easy. Also they have added a history feature to identify clear trends in the market whether the odds are moving up or down and we have increased the quality of the money meter (or 3 as it now features) showing the actual market relationship to help make odds prediction easy.

The function that has been extremely well received is the Auto Hedge feature for smaller stakes as you will be aware this may mean the profit does not build to a level that can be equalised (this done by clicking the “equalise” button and once carried out equalises the profit over all of the runners in the race) so by using the Auto Hedge feature the staking is automatically adjusted to make those green equalised profits automatically all the user has to do is click away. Also added is a partial matched stakes feature in Auto Hedge if only £25 of your £50 request was matched then using Auto Hedge the staking is automatically calculated around the matched portion of the bet only.

One other addition that will be of interest is that they now have a place market dutcher also this was a technique that came to light by a user in the forum and was worked around the place only market. As you may be aware any win dutcher is not accurate to place dutching so we have upgraded the dutching feature to incorporate this place only dutching technique. All these features make Bet-IE one of the most powerful and cost effective exchange trading tools on the market.

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