Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015


FairbotFairBot is an online sports trading software for the world’s leading Person to Person Betting Exchange, Betfair. It allows you to place single bets, or trade, on Betfair instantly, using just one mouse click.  There is no need for waiting, no bet confirmation or changing of prices or amounts, although these facilities are there if required.

Fairbot’s wide range of sophisticated features will give you an enormous advantage over other Exchange Users and should enable you to turn that advantage into a profit. FairBot lets you to refresh the event information, including the odds, every 0.1 second to stay on top of the market.

For betting exchange traders FairBot offers so called “Smart Bets” that allow you to trade on Betfair with ease and the maximum possible speed. Using “Smart Bets” FairBot generates the required bets to make a profit, (if matched), regardless of the result.

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