Monday, Feb. 24, 2014

Laz-IE Trader - Betfair Software

Laz-IEIntroducing…Laz-IE Trader!

When the software was developed by my business partner, we wanted to make sure that it did a few things. Firstly we wanted the alert to show clearly which horses to be concentrating on. Secondly we needed a way to limit the damage in the event that a market moved against us. Finally it had to be as simple to get the bet into the market place as possible but at the same time as fast as possible.

If you trade with the principles laid out in the accompanying e-book and the sofware alerts then your betting bank will grow and that’s why I strongly urge you to take advantage of this amazing software and trading e-book package today.

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9 Reasons Why You Should Try Today!

* Unique Alerts - These alerts are based on our original methods, these alerts will pinpoint trades that can be exploited race after race.

* Learning Mode - Now this is a really unique feature and one that is developed for the “Beginner” or the “Tester” in mind. You can now “Learn” how to trade from the live market without having to use your cash, or just “Test” your theories without doing damage to your betting account. The software relays your position after each trade as it would appear in the Live market.

* Full Online Support - We are available to answer any problems you may be having using the software or setting up the software on your PC. We hold the satisfaction of our customers very highly.

* Ultra Fast Automatic Refresh - This feature of the software will allow you to set your own refresh speed for the Betfair market, to ensure you get the latest odds available (subject to PC specs)

* Stoploss - In the rare instance that the market moves against your trading position, limit the damage to your betting bank with this stoploss feature.

* Easy to Use - The software will churn out alerts many times a race for you to take advantage of. Thats the beauty the software does all the hard work you simply match the criteria as laid out in the e-book and trade! you don’t even have to have experience with Betfair to make successful trades using Laz-IE.

* Free Upgrades - We stand behind our software and we always continue to improve upon it. Anytime we upgrade the software, you will instantly be notified and be given the upgrade free of charge.

* Guarantee a Profit - Make a guaranteed profit once you have locked in your correct odds movement prediction, just click a button to win on every outcome!

* Fast Point and Click Bet Submission and Laz-IE Bet Button - If you want to trade the larger odds movements you can do so using the trading Ladder. Simply set your stake size and point and click for rapid bet submission. Or for “quick”trades why not use the Laz-IE Bet Button and both sides of the trade are entered together.

Click Here for Laz-IE Trader